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Sunday, October 6, 2013

What would you do with 50,000 Naira?

I am too ashamed to even start to apologize yet again for going off! *covers face in shame*.....

I have spent the first few minutes on this computer, trying to gather my thoughts and articulate this post. My head has become this huge word processor. I know, that's how the brain is wired anyway, but still.., this is different, I am constantly going over topics in my head, opening lines, themes etc. Its madness. I wonder if this is how it is with every other blogger? I needed some time off, so I don't become some sort of a junkie. Besides, there are many other things that need attention in my life.

I finally dismissed Mr. lesson teacher; on some days like last Thursday though, while struggling to get through homework time, I think to myself, what have I done! *Hands on head*. My son manages to express every single emotion under the sun during homework time. We cry, we beg, we laugh, we feign sleep, name it! But then come to think about it, in our days, there was no talk of lesson teachers until it was time for common entrance. Unless maybe, my family was peculiar and I don't think so (although, we might have been peculiar in some other areas, lol). How come then, that nowadays a 6 year old or even younger would need a home tutor! There is definitely something wrong somewhere. My eyes have cleared now o! No more home tutor till it is absolutely necessary. That's some good money saved too! *grinning*

Let's start the week with some useful information, shall we;

Do you run or know anyone who runs a micro business? Are you a an entrepreneur below 35 with a monthly turnover of 100,000 Naira or less?

Will 50,000 Naira make a difference to your business?

If you have answered yes to these questions,

Email for details. Also visit and like this page below;

for more information on the challenge.

Here's wishing you all a fruitful week!

I'll be tweeting from the @wearenaija handle this week. They have this rotation thing they do. Please follow the handle and support moi! Tainx a bunches people.

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