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Thursday, January 26, 2017

Social Media Week Event: Become A Kick-Ass Tech Mum

Mumpreneur, Mofolusade Sonaike will present the panel “Become a Kick-ass Tech Mum” during this year’s social media week run of events. The panel will run attendees through the secrets of how mothers can run a super organized home, while building a successful business leveraging E-commerce, growth hacking and Social Media.

The question is often asked, can a woman have it all? The pull between fulfilling your career or business dream versus maintaining a home and raising wholesome children for those who chose to is a constant struggle. This is the bedrock of the mumpreneur brand. Taking advantage of technology mothers can run successful businesses and hold it down on the home-front at the same time. is a platform that seeks to provide mothers with access to information, tools and resources to help them become Kick-ass Mums. The “Become a Kick-ass Tech Mum” event for social media week brings together on a panel, women who have managed to make the most of their businesses without sacrificing raising their children by taking advantage of technology and social media. Also on the panel is the brand manager for the brand, the only man allowed on this panel, lol. He will be sharing practical steps for positioning yourself as an authority in your field through branding.


The event will hold on the 27th of February at the SMW studio, landmark event center in Oniru, Lagos Nigeria at lunchtime, between 12 and 1p.m. kisk-ass mums.

Passes are available here – . Reserve your seat and come prepared to share, learn and network with other mums who are not afraid to kick ass.

It’s a digital world….we all just live in it.

Have you ever wondered where the world you lived in went? When we were younger, we were never warned that growing up is a trap. Alas, we find ourselves all grown up and there’s really nothing that can be done about it.

I usually ask myself this question, “How come everything seems to have changed?” from how we communicate, to how we interact, from how we do business to how we sell…the advent of mobile technology has changed the game on us and many people are still playing by the old rules.

The world has changed….deal with it. I am dealing with it by sharing my journeys through Digital Marketing.

Warning: Some of the info will seem conjured; but trust me, it will all be backed up by facts and opinions will be shown as purely opinions.

My personal goals are to help individuals and organizations transform their Image and brand personas to reflect the world that we live in. I am out to ensure that you know what you are up against. I also hope to help you achieve some of those great goals you set for 2017.

To do things the same way and expect a different result is the definition of Insanity. If you own a growing business…Please watch this space. You will spend less and make a lot of money before the year runs out.

My name is ‘Debo Ajayi…and I am the digital whisperer.

About ‘Debo Ajayi

A seasoned Project Management expert, Startup engineer and Serial Entrepreneur. I am a Google certified Online Marketing Expert. Consulted for a few Multinationals in Nigeria. Worked with close to 100 Startups.

'Debo Ajayi, PMP
Senior Sales Executive, Ringier Digital Marketing
Google Certified Online Marketing Fundamentals Expert
M: +234 (0) 809 576 3213