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Friday, February 20, 2015

I go stay - Nosa Omoregie #musicfriday #olurotimi

It's on days like this when I wake up and I just find that I'm angry and cranky for reasons unknown to me;
I'm just in that very low place and can't place my hands on what sent me there
Those days when I'm just pissed at everything and I just want to scream and not pray
Cos I can't find the right words to say!
No I don't want to cry
No I don't want to ask God why
No, I don't want to be there! But hey! I am!
No I don't want be askd why I'm
In this low place
Cos I don't have the answers
No I'm not depressed
I'm just distressed
The anxiety kind of distress....I guess!

Aaa argh!
It's on these days I remember songs about persistence
Songs that are not only rhythm worthy
But also lyrics worthy
And so for days like this
I turn on my music device and sing out loud along with  +Nosa Omoregie on his
'I go stay' track!!
No I might not feel immediately better (or maybe I might)
But I'll enjoy the moment of singing out loud because it's an awesome song with awesome lyrics that make so much sense and will eventually
Make me less
Distressed; somehow......!!
The power of amazing songs!
That said! Find lyrics below and enjoy this awesome song!

Cheers to the weekend!!!

I GO STAY, I GO WAIT - watch video


whoooo who wwho…
who who hu huu…

When I wan pray I no dey pray like who no get faith
Me I no dey rush I no dey pray like who no fit wait
I no dey pray in an anyhow way
but according to the way wey God talk say
make we dey pray (make we dey pray) i i..
And when I dey pray for any matter
And he be like say the matter no dey better
I no dey shake
I no dey worry
As long as God still dey for heaven

I go stay
I go wait
Till my prayer don prevail (requires pleenty patience!)
And my faith
no go shake
Cause Jesus never fails
I go pray da
fervent prayer
Of the righteous must avail
God go answer me before i even open mouth say (in Jesus name)

He get one man
Him name na Elijah
This guy pray
And God no deny am
He tell God say I no want rain
And for three years plus
God honour Him name
What of Jacob wey tell God
Say If You no bless me You no dey
What of Hannah
What of Esther
What of Jabez
and the rest
See this guys them wey I mention
Back in the days, them dey hold God to ransom
If this guys fit dey call God attention
What of me wey be New Creation


No case go fit make me cringe
Because I dey rely on my Master’s grace
I no dey do like who no get God
Christ in me no be just to dey talk
I go pray in Spirit
Pray in tongues
Because i be priest, I go pray for all

CHORUS (Four Times)

In Jesus name, call the name
In Jesus name, call the name
In Jesus name, call the name