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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Meera Stitches - Gbemisola lawal #inthespiritofenterprise

Tell us about yourself

I am Lawal Gbemisola(nee Adisa). A wife, mother, academician , community builder , Agric economist and a fashion designer.

Tell us about your business

MEERA STITCHES is my business name . It is a fashion outlet where we are on the mission to promote our culture and local economy through the use of native and traditional fabrics, by specially designing these fabrics into unique styles that can compete favorably at international level.

We now have specialization and recently opened a kiddies African boutique to ensure we imbibe our culture through dressing from early years, but our line for adults remains solid too.

How did you get into this line of business?

How I got into this line of business is always funny to me, but I believe it's predestined. While I was serving my nation(NYSC) in Benue state. I was posted to Nigeria Immigration Service, but after the close of work and weekends I was always idle and I didn't like this, so by the second month into my youth service I enrolled myself with a fashion designer in my neighborhood with the aim of whiling away time and probably for personal use in near future. I learned sewing of office and English wear from Enex fashion School and realized that I was becoming enthusiastic, so after 6 months with her I proceeded to another fashion designer who specializes in Igbo and general native designs and spent another four months. All in all I spent 10 months to learn the craft.

After NYSC I rented an apartment and went into real sewing for business and since then have never stopped doing this work I love so much.

What inspired the name Meera stitches?

Meera stitches inspiration..hmmmm....It was initially Mira fashion house but when I went for CAC registration MFH was rejected and I had to stick with my next option. I had initially planned to go into partnership with a friend named Grace and I am Gbemisola. We joined the MI and RA in our names to form Mira, but for a better reasons we forgot about the partnership and agreed I use the name which wasn't approved anyway. I just like the sound of Mira and decided to extend the pronunciation and I came up with Meera Stitches, a name I will forever be proud of.

What main challenges have you faced and how did you overcome them?

My main challenge was starting because I was also running a Masters degree Programme when I started which made it a bit hard. But when you love what you do , the passion will keep you going, besides I learnt how to manage many things at a time when I was the Team Leader of SIFE (ENACTuS), University of Ado-Ekiti.

How would you summarize your journey so far?

I will just say thank you lord for giving me the strength and courage to keep going. And also appreciate all those that love me and who are never tired of motivating me.

Given the chance will you do this again?

Given the chance I will definitely do this again and again

What advice do you have for other businesses starting up?

My advice for upcoming businesses just like my own is that we should always dream big and remain focused.


18b, 1st floor Rayop complex extension, airport junction alaakia Ibadan

08029998518, 08071608233