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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Project Management for SMEs by 'Debo Ajayi - 2


How was your week?

So we will continue where we left of last week. 
We were considering how Risk affects a business...we also said that risk wasn't always a negative thing (yes risk can be very good for business)

We are looking at ways to handle risk when it comes to using it as a tool to generate better business results.

So we mentioned that there are 2 broad ways risks can be handled. When  we have a negative risk (also called threats) we handle them by using any of 3 techniques...

Accept, Transfer, Mitigate


To transfer risk is to give to risk to another entity or business. This concept is best explained with buying insurance. What we do when we purchase Insurance is that we transfer our risk to another business....please consider this for a minute....risk is the foundation of an industry called insurance that deals in billions of dollars worldwide...

Transferring risk shields you and your organization from the threat that a risk possesses.
I must mention that transferring a risk doesn't necessarily make you immune to the risk, what it does is that is shields you directly from the impact of such a risk.

The 3rd response to a negative risk is 


Mitigation is a proactive strategy designed in case a risk event occurs.
This means that the risk should have been anticipated and a strategy decided in case the risk event occurs. What I have learnt about performing brainstorming sessions to predict risk events and also to design responses is that it prepares an organization for any scenario.

This preparation helps the organization not just in event of any such risk events, but gives the organization a strategy for survival. This idea is vital to long term success. I have since learnt that in business the only guarantee of success is a decision to succeed. A determination never to go back, look back or think back....

Businesses need to expect the best but prepare for the worst...

Please have your say...

You can mail me -

Friday, November 28, 2014

Benediction - August Alsina ft. Rick Ross #musicfriday

In a few days it'll be December! I can't even believe it. It has been quite an eventful year so far and I just want to take a minute to say thank you God for life and living! Haven't posted friday music on here in a while, there are so many songs I want to share and I'll get round to them, eventually, hehe!!

Meanwhile have you gone out to get +MI Abaga 's new album!! Whaaat! The chairman vex scatter on this one, no playing at all. He made too much sense on the tracks with +TUFACE IDIBIA and +soundsultan - #mesefibehuman being o! Oh lawd! Don't even get me started with #rich, I think it was Nosa on the vocals there non? I needed that song like yesterday! lol. Will do justice to these songs another day. Today we share the #benediction song by August Alsina. First time I heard the song, I just connected with it. Maybe it was in the way he sang, like he was totally feeling all those emotions. I just couldn't help but stop and listen. You just know when someone is singing from deep down his heart! Here's to #musicfriday with August Alsina;


If you can't view the embedded video, Click here to view

Started off in the streets
We would take collection from the fiends
People dyin' all around me
So I gave you my testimony
We were down from the beginnin'
When the world wasn't listenin'
Now that I got your attention
Let us end with the benediction

We are gathered here today
Paying our respects to bein' broke, hope he's in a better place (Yes ke!! I gotta get here)
Cause life out here ain't sweet, oh no
I would close my eyes to sleep but didn't dream no more
So I had to make a way for my home, you know
Now I'm in a place where I ain't gotta scheme no more
The good life, done with the hood life
I did what I could didn't always do what I should and I was misunderstood
So many nights I tried
To hide how I felt, I would cry inside
And I ran through the streets till my feet got tired
Cause I ain't wanna have my shoes on them power lines

But I made it, and it made me (Yezzir, we will make it)
I know I did wrong, I pray to God he forgave me
Cause I made it, and it didn't kill me
So it made me stronger, I pray to God that you feel me, that you feel me...

Our father who art in heaven
I pray you free me from my demons and keep me level (very important and I say amen to that)
I know you kept me out of prison where I was headin'
When I heard somebody killed my brother, one-eighty-seven
I hope he made it to your presence, for me he was a blessin'
At least I know he's restin' and he ain't out here stressin'
Tryna get to the good life, and out of this hood life
I pray that my step-pops stay off of that crack pipe
So Mama could sleep nights, I know it's been hard on her
I was ripping through the streets, it was hard for her
Now I'm up in hotels on the ocean shore
When I was sleepin' on the floor at the corner store

But I made it, and it made me
I know I did wrong, I pray to God he would save me
Cause I made it, it didn't kill me
So it made me stronger, I pray to God that you feel me, do you feel me... (Do you?)

Bottle after bottle, snatching Belaire out the bucket
Rightin' all my wrongs for these homies out here thuggin'
Pray for benediction, pretty women on my premise
Condo out in Cabo, screaming "GABOS" to my nemesis
Gold around my neck I'm ballin' for these final minutes
Nothing lasts forever, for these sins I seek repentance
Shots fired, another gone, I feel that man's pain
Daddy sat me down and said: "that came with the game"
Shake my head, roll up the window, turnin' up the music
So much anger in these songs for these soldiers that we losin'
A mastermind is one who's feedin' others off his talent
I owe it to my city but it's time I pay my balance
I'm in Holyfield's estate, I started with a pallet
I made my first tape, I gave that shit to Khaled
Thankful for my supporters, everyone that ever bought us
Grateful for every lesson these Miami streets taught us

Started off in the streets
We would take collection from the fiends
People dyin' all around me
So I gave you my testimony
We were down from the beginnin'
When the world wasn't listenin'
Now that I got your attention
Let us end with the benediction

"August-alsina-testimony" by Cover can be obtained from the record label. Licensed under Fair use of copyrighted material in the context of Testimony (August Alsina album) via Wikipedia -

Monday, November 24, 2014

The Co-sharing office space trend in Nigeria #strikedanvil

On #strikedanvil this week, we are talking about one of the elements of starting small - office space! I listened to the CEO if an oil servicing company once who said when she started out with her hubby, they invested all the money they had into leasing a fancy office on Victoria Island, by the time they were done paying for the lease and maybe purchasing a table and chair, they had nothing left to actually run the business. I know a few others who have found themselves in this situation too. Many of us start out with so much zest and fire, we have our assumptions which sometimes we haven't tested, we have our start-up capital which should include the working capital for a year or two at least, but does not. Lol!! This is one of the reasons, many businesses grind to a halt or crash even before the second or third year.

The +Lean Startup model has saved many from this trend. The mantra for many these days is "have a big vision but start small". Even better now the is trend of co-shared spaces for start-ups where they can test their ideas and run a pilot of their ideas without necessarily investing so much money on acquiring office space. We have places like the +CcHub Nigeria in yaba, the Ideashub also in yaba, Venia business Hub, Enterprise Creative center on allen, +CapitalSquare Lagos in Lekki. See more here with full address and features. Someone might need it! This is the way to go for start-ups these days. 

I was in Marina recently and I visited the  +Etisalat Nigeria experience center there! Alas they have facilities for their customers too who are startups. I had a chat with the manager at the center and he'll be on the #strikedanvil show this tuesday to answer questions and share all you need to know about the center. Before the show though, I have a list of some of the features;

1. A dedicated Geek bar strictly for device related issues; 
2. A state of the art vip lounge with a well equipped library; 

3. A vip cafe; 
4. Free wifi for waiting customers; 
5. A game centre where customers can play XBOX;
6. Dedicated helpdesk for specific query types; 
7. A meeting room for 10 pple with projectors and for video conferencing.

They also give best deals on device purchase as we are in partnership with OEMs like Samsung, Apple, Nokia, Huawei, Tecno....etc With fantastic staffs to attend to all customers.

Won't you rather be an etisalat subscriber?! Hehe

Make it a date on the show this week, Tuesday, 9am - 10am, ask your questions via twitter or our dedicated phone lines - 09090000061, 09090000062!


Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Melting Moments - Tolulope Samaiye #inthespiritofenterprise

Okay, so I know today is not Tuesday, but I promise this was half ready on Tuesday before work overtook me. I was going to wait till next week, but I couldn't resist! If you are in Nigeria and you haven't visited Melting moments at the mall in Ikeja, you are missing out. #justsoyouknow hehe.

So we had a chat with the strong woman behind the brand and you'll be surprised to know she started out just like any body else (o ye mere mortals). I have known Tolu for a while and I must say when she sets her mind to do something, she goes and gets it done!


Tell us about yourself

My  name is Tolulope Samaiye. I graduated from Covenant University with a Bsc Building Technology. I am motivated by the Joy I bring to customers.

Tell us about your business

Melting moments is a dessert and confectionery company producing captivating desserts in store and through MM events, we produce events with high pedigree in display designs, planning, activation, procurement, management, monitoring, and evaluation. We have products for events with resounding display and taste impact because of our vast experience, highly talented and skilled team, and our eye for detail, thoroughness and efficiency. Our products are planned on timely delivery, budget consideration and 70% less fat.


To transcend the dessert and service expectations of all our customers and be the go to dessert company in Nigeria


To provide our customers with premier made-from-scratch desserts and confectioneries while focusing on customer satisfaction.

How did you get funding for the early stage of your business

I started with N7, 000, with that I bought my 1st hand mixer, paper cups and small quantity of ingredients. Initially this business was just to while away time while I waited for NYSC. So didn't really think about it. I used my mother’s oven for a 2 years.

One day my sister randomly asked me, Tolu why don’t you turn this into a real business and we can do it together. She got me my 1st standing mixer and some accessories as my birthday gift, and that’s how we joined forces.

After a while we realized we had a huge vision for Melting moments but we needed funds so we brought directors on board to enhance the growth.

What inspired you to start this business?

I will be very honest, at first there was no inspiration, it was not even a hobby. Baking was something that just happened because I was waiting for NYSC. Along the line my 1st encouragement came In, which is my sister. She saw something I didn't see at that time.

Now I get inspired by the strong will of young entrepreneur like myself, and realizing the existence of the support you never knew you had.

What challenges did you face and how have you overcome them?

I faced every kind of challenges any young entrepreneur will face. Quality control, demand and supply, funding etc. but the secret of moving forward is never to give up. I am a fighter. (I know this!) There are times I would have fallen off but I usually give myself a time out to step back and think of the best way to tackle issues.

What opportunities would you say you were able to leverage on to get you to this point

I was lucky enough to be one of the Top 50 Entrepreneurs to be awarded a scholarship to Enterprise Development center, Pan Atlantic University. To be trained on how to convert my glorified new found hobby to a well structured business.

How has the journey been so far?

The Journey has been great, a learning experience.

Given the chance will you do this again?

I don’t think I will change anything because I am who I am today because of the archive of experience I have. Mistakes made and different lessons learnt.

Project Management for SMEs by 'Debo Ajayi - 1

We have a new contributor in the house!! Yaaay. Remember Debo, the project management guy? Yes?

No? Well, he'll be taking a series on project management for entrepreneurs starting today!

Employing Risk to Transform your business.

Okay, so I will be writing a weekly article here to help SMEs build their businesses using a proven technique to grow their business, customer base, portfolio and product line.

Off course the technique we would use is called Project Management.

Today we will focus on risk.
Risk itself is an industry and we cannot pretend to do any justice to understanding or digging into the depths of risk, but we will look at risk and how we can use a renewed understanding to grow our businesses.

Risk is simply any event with a degree of uncertainty. Risk means that we do not know exactly if an event will occur or not.

If you look at my elementary definition, it is clear that risk is neither a good or a bad is just a phenomenon

We consider risk to be a bad thing around this part of the world...but this isn't necessarily true. Our general attitude towards risk is Prayer (oh well...). We try to nullify the unknown but we can adopt a proactive method to resolve challenges that risk can induce.

Risk is not always a bad thing for businesses. It can be a good thing as it presents unique opportunities for capitalizing on uncertainties.

Whenever there is an outcome with uncertain outcomes we need to investigate weather or not there are positive possibilities or just negative ones.

If all the outcomes for an event are negative, here is what every business owner needs to do with negative risk;

1. Avoid.
2. Transfer
3. Mitigate

If the outcomes have any possibility of being are valid responses

1. Seek
2. Enhance
3. Exploit


When there is a possibility that an outcome will be negative, the things to do is avoid the outcome altogether. Somethings we need to pass off certain opportunities because the risk outcome isn't worth it. This is a valid response to uncertainty but needs to be assessed carefully. The decision should be made not out of fear but a conscious methodical process that will create opportunities in the future.

We would continue this series next week........


Monday, November 17, 2014

Entrepreneurship in the information age #strikedanvil

It's Tuesday again, another #strikedanvil session on enterprise radio! Whoop whoop. As always, it would be an honor to have you listen in and interact with us on @eradiong or by calling, 09090000061, 09090000062. You can listen to last week's show here if you missed it. Thanks again for your support so far!! We love you!

Ever wonder why #Google is king of the world today? (Yea,don't forget they bought me over, hehe.)  The world has evolved from the agricultural age, where farmers ruled to the industrial age where engineers ruled to the current information age where data miners/providers rule. Right now, Information is King...... connect the dots.

Access to information has largely affected the way we do business, entrepreneurs increasingly have to be on top of their game as customers have access to more information now, than ever before. Everyday, digital innovation is changing lives in ways never expected, touching all parts of human existence. Google chairman Eric Schmidt recently described technological advance as “a race between computers and people and the people need to win.”

How does an entrepreneur remain ahead in this time? How can entrepreneurs position themselves to take advantage of this age? The general consensus is that Africans do not read, how true is this? Can an entrepreneur really survive without constantly reading and updating his/herself in this age? Where can you find this information? Is it free, is it paid? Is it timely, accurate and does it have integrity? These are the issues we have to deal with as entrepreneurs. 

Joining us to discuss this tomorrow is Howell Allusi.

Howell Allusi is the founder of the Wyzak interactive platform, he has a background in computer science from Imo State University and has over seven years of experience in telecoms. He is passionate about Nigerians and helping people succeed, which is why Wyzak interactive was born.

Wyzak Interactive is a global exchange for career and business start-up expertise. The aim is to connect people looking to;

- Step out from their existing career to a new career,

- Start a company,

- Enhance their current job skills

with expert advisors working in hundreds of fields in Nigeria and Africa as a whole.

The platform was launched with various free training in the fields of Agriculture, business plan writing among others.Howell will be sharing his experience with how Nigerians interact with and take advantage of information available to them on the internet.

Wyzak is currently running two competitions for entrepreneurs;

The first is a business idea competition with the details below;

Learning how to put your business idea on paper is the first step to starting that business. Let us teach you how to write a proper business plan and 3 people would step into 2015 with seed funds (N100,000 each) to start that small business idea. 

To enter:

1. Register and attend the live Writing the Winning Business Plan webinars at

2. Download the Business Plan Template from the website

3. Use the template to fill in your business idea

4. Submit the business plan via email to

Judging criteria can be found in the Terms and Conditions

Contest entry period: December 5th - 20th, 2014.

Winner would be announced on January 16th, 2015

Please read the Terms and Conditions before contesting.

Facebook:, Twitter: @wyzak_int, Instagram: @wyzak_interactive

For more enquiries contact us at or call +234 701 231 7518

Second is a competition for those in the agricultural sector;

We invite all aspiring and eligible entrepreneurs to participate in our 1st Agribusiness Competition titled #XmasFoodie Photo Contest. This competition aims to:

· Contribute to the development of the agriculture industry in Nigeria.

· Provide individuals with the basic understanding of various Agribusinesses and the opportunities involved in making it a good investment alternative.

· Stimulate and promote entrepreneurial initiatives.

· Encourage Nigerian entrepreneurs with several non-financial support.

648 Square metre plot of land at Igbesa- Agbara, Ogun State. (Close to Badagry, Lagos state.)

· C of O in-place

· Government approved layout

· Registered layout

The Theme of this contest is focused on Fish farming and Poultry production.

To Participate

1. Register and attend the Live and Interactive Agribusiness Webinars at

2. Take a photo of your ideal Xmas Meal (using any Fish or Poultry product)

3. Share your Photo on your personal Instagram page and tag your Photo with @wyzak_interactive and the hashtag #XmasFoodie or

4. Tweet with your Photo and the #XmasFoodie hashtag to the @wyzak_int handle.

Photo may be from your favourite local restaurant, fast food, bar, or your kitchen... you get the picture. Proper credit and title for all photos is also required. If you are using photos from your favourite spot or kitchen... let us know what and where it is.

The winning photo would be judged entirely on its artistic merit, popularity (likes) and adherence to contest theme.

Contest entry period: December 1st - 20th, 2014.

Winner would be announced on December 29th, 2014.

Please read the Terms and Conditions before contesting.

This Contest is supported by SENCE AGRIC and Next Dimension Properties LTD.

Facebook:, Twitter: @wyzak_int, Instagram: @wyzak_interactive

For more enquiries contact us at or call +234 701 231 7518

Think this is an opportunity for you? Visit the wyzak interactive website and apply ASAP!!

Cheers guys!

Monday, November 10, 2014

Entrepreneurship and universities…. #strikedanvil

Before this goes up, I can't help but pay my last respects to +myles munroe and all the lives that were lost in the crash earlier today. It's just a shocking reminder that life is short! In a flash it can all be over, just like that. What are you spending your time doing?

Last week was a very eventful week, I was fortunate to participate in the +Google Nigeria digital business managers training for three days. I met the most amazing people in the Nigerian digital sphere :-) , we were treated to good food at Protea hotel and I learnt a lot of great new stuff! Google just bought me! I am so totally bought over.

Can you spot me?
I must give credit to the source of my inspiration for this week’s show; I was looking through my timeline on Saturday evening and I came across a tweet by +Praise Fowowe , it went;

“ Final projects in our universities must become products or visible solutions” - My first reaction was na yam! lmao.

This got me thinking though; for starters I can’t really remember what my chemical engineering final year project was about, so chances that it has added any value to the economy as a product or visible solution is doubtful. This is my confession and I bet it’s pretty much true for many other students from my day, especially for technical courses.

I have a friend who’s doing his PHD at the moment, he complains bitterly about the way lecturers hoard chemicals and apparatus for projects because of lack of funding. How can anyone make a huge discovery under such conditions? Research is critical to economic development, so if there’s no funding or not enough funding, we have a long way to go.

On the other hand, I remember more about my sister’s project from Covenant University than I do about mine. It was about the aviation sector and she actually visited airlines and got real people to fill out questionnaires that we thought through together. I can’t say whether this is because of the approach at Covenant University or because it was a project in the social sciences. Whatever the case, hers had a better chance of making some form of impact.

During the Google training, I met one of the Google ambassadors from Ekiti state university (woow! Lucky guy), he mentioned that he was part of an entrepreneurship promotion group known as +Enactus - Curious to know more, I visited their site and was surprised to see that they have been around for a while and that they have activities across different campuses of the globe! Interesting! I remember  +AISEC from my day, many Aisecers turned out pretty good and every time I think about it, I wonder why I wasn’t involved (I was too busy trying to survive chemical engineering and fellowship, hehe).

Tying all of these events together i.e my stumbling on Praise Fowowe’s tweet and my encounter with an enactus ambassador, hey, who better to discuss this week’s topic than +Enactus representatives from my great Alma matter, university of Lagos! They can never fall my hand. Sorry I am biased. Also joining us via twitter are +abayomi tajudeen sarumi representing Ekiti state university live from Ekiti as well as +Olabode Emmanuel representing the not so great university of Ife (it's beef I accept).

Here are the questions to think about?

- What is your university doing to encourage entrepreneurship?

- Will you consider entrepreneurship after school, or would you rather work for that six figure salary in say Mobil for example?

- How did you choose your final year project focus/topic and why?

- Are you part of any entrepreneurship development group on campus?

- Who are the top entrepreneurs in your school? (we are not talking yahoo yahoo boys o, hehe)

Our panelists....

Orukpe Precious Joy
 Orukpe Precious Joy is also known as Presi-J. She can be described as a passionate leader with in view English education at the prestigious university of Lagos .She is a music minister,dancer and a leader in the Believers Loveworld Nation.She has organized several programs in which the lives of young people have been changed and these young people are imparting their world.She is a member of Enactus, and currently the Executive Secretary of +Enactus, university of Lagos.
AKPOVETA, Valentine
Orukpe Precious Joy, ventured in the world of Fashion for the passion.She is a lover of what makes you beautiful and stand-out.She was part of the organizer of the Teens on Fire initiatives,she has worked with Torera ,Joepraize ,BTC Fashion Creation and many others to mention a few.She also worked at the Lagos Fashion show (2013)as an intern.

AKPOVETA, Valentine is a Personal Effectiveness Coach/Trainer, Public Speaker, and Author.He has served severally with distinguished performance in Leadership Capacities in various Organizations and is a contributor to several Print and Web Media.

He is driven by the desire to help young people discover Purpose and make the quantum leap from Efficiency to Effectiveness by inspiring them to use Time wisely to do the Best Things in the Most Productive ways.

He does this through his books, audios, training and seminars.

His pastimes include Critical Thinking, Reading, Group Discussions, Net Surfing and Writing.

He volunteers for a few non-profit organizations, and carried out projects in slums and high need areas.

Abayomi Tajudeen Sarumi 
He is the immediate past team leader of the +Enactus group at the university of Lagos.

Abayomi Tajudeen Sarumi is a young blogger, sociopreneur, farmer in training and a project manager who prides himself as an astute netizen. He also teaches the art of writing on campus.

Over the years, he has contributed to community project development and management in Ondo and Ekiti States with focus on poverty alleviation, youth empowerment and leadership training.

He is driven by his passion to see a new nation where the youth are fully integrated into decision making processes based on merit and social value system.

He works with and volunteers for various individuals and organisations around the country on life changing projects that are not for profit making.
His hobbies include cooking, surfing the net, networking and mentoring.

Olabode Emmanuel Olawumi
Olabode Emmanuel Olawumi is a final year student of Dramatic Arts at Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Osun State. 

He his a media entrepreneur and the Founder/Creative Director/Publisher of OYA Magazine - (an entertainment and youth empowerment magazine that celebrates outstanding young achievers.

Emmanuel is a creative thinker, a strategist who is full of ideas and sees them through to fulfilment. He has worked with different brands and organisations - most especially in field of public relations.

His core values include: creativity, leadership, integrity, quality service, uniqueness and excellence.

He is currently a volunteer for the Future Awards Project 2014 and the Public Relations Officer/Social Director of his department in school.

He is first a business man, writes when he his emotional or gets infuriated at events happening around him, he loves acting but hasn't been on stage for over two years.

His biggest dream is to be the richest man in the world. How does he intend to achieve this? He says he wants to help people, brands, organisations and nations solve problems.

He loves being happy and meeting happy people.

He believes there is strength in team work.

We hope to have an engaging session with students calling in to give us insights on entrepreneurship activities in their schools. The numbers to call are;

0909000061, 09090000062

You can also join in on twitter with the hashtag #strikedanvil follow @eradiong! See you!

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

The Bodylanguage Company - Chibuzo Slim Ikonta #inthespiritofenterprise

Sometimes when you talk about entrepreneurship, people scratch their heads and wonder, what do I have that anyone would pay for? Thing is, you never know until you test it. Run a pilot of your idea and see.....

With determination and support, Chibuzo has been able to turn his passion into a business. I can't wait to share the amazing pictures of his work. I need to attend one of his classes soon. :-)

It's #inthespiritofenterprise!!


Tell us about yourself

My name is Chibuzo Slim Ikonta. I am the founder, Principal Instructor and Head Choreographer of THE BODYLANGUAGE COMPANY (Nigeria).I'm also the Manager of THE BODYLANGUAGE STUDIO (Lagos).

I'm a professional dancer with knowledge of over 30-styles of dance and together with my dance partner "Anita Korra Obidi", we form Nigeria's most versatile dance couple.

I'm one of Nigeria's top Latin Dance Experts, and also, the first African to train and perform the ancient Indian dance (over 2400 years old) of ODISSI.

I am a widely trained Martial Artist majoring in Afro-Brazilian Capoeira (Professor Level), thus becoming Nigeria's highest ranked and most experienced teacher of the art (over 10 years).

I'm a graduate of the UNIVERSITY OF LAGOS with a diploma in Computer Engineering and a Bsc in Actuarial Science &Insurance...........weird huh? I know!!!

Tell us about your business


The Bodylanguage Company is home to some of Nigeria's finest dancers, performers, dance teachers, choreographers, fitness experts and martial artists with razor sharp skills and unequaled expertise in output.

We teach classes in various disciplines both at our studio, at select out stations, schools, corporate organisations, schools, churches and in private homes.

We also put up performances and presentations at various events, thereby making the occasion a more lively one. E.g's: end of year parties, stage productions, corporate functions, weddings, birthday parties, dinners, galas, fashion shows, product activation(flash mobs) etc

We also run periodic workshops and productions that are mostly spearheaded by myself.

I like to believe I'm mostly a better teacher than a performer and hence, The Bodylanguage Company is responsible for teaching/preparing various children, youth and adults for competitions, presentations, wedding first-dances etc.

Last Year, I was the stage choreographer for the X-factor Nigeria; Season1.

Basically, business comes in various forms, some of which is subject to time and season.

What was your Inspiration for this business?

My inspiration began with a pure love for movement. Movement in every graceful or powerful form. Sports, yoga, dance, martial arts, driving, clouds etc Coupled with a strong ear for rhythm, dance seemed like the obvious angle. I would find rhythm and movement potential in every situation. Thanks to my dad, as early as age 8, I was already in love with classical jazz and Latin rhythms. Also, I wanted to learn couple dancing before I was 10.

Jez don't go and say you want to try this at home! Don't try yasef!
As life, skill, experience and reality accrued to me, I began to desire taking my art beyond just a passionate weapon that made me stand out from a crowd. I started to desire teaching, building, creating and fine tuning people and situations with my art.

Honestly, I know my inspiration came from God, because I'm most inspired when I speak to Him......and listen to His voice.

I want to be a world class performer.
I wish to be an internationally renowned teacher & choreographer.
I want to create a ton of wealth with my art.

How did you get funding for the business?

I first began teaching in schools, clubs, gyms and private residences. Then, I was able to begin periodic workshops where I taught large numbers of kids for a few weeks at a time, after which their parents would be invited in to witness their progress under my tutelage.

Reports were good.
I got more students.....I grew.....I saved money.

About a year later, I opened up THE BODYLANGUAGE STUDIO (Ilupeju).

The rest is history.

How will you summarize the journey so far?

The journey so, yes, also one big adventure.
From critics, to friends, to fake friends, to supporters, to hopeful sponsors, to fans, to food

It's really been one continuous learning process. One that every step of the way I keep getting reminded that my young business is still fully dependent on my personal performance.

In layman's terms;

When I'm on point, my business is on point.
When I'm dull, my business is dull.

What are the main challenges you have faced so far and how have you managed them?

One of the major challenges I've faced so far is landing a sponsor for one of my events. One reason for this is because I'm still a relatively new business with monumental dreams. Another could be the obvious difficulty in landing an actual "financial sponsor".

This year, I faced another challenge. Due to the ebola virus mini crisis, my studio business suffered a mild dry spell due to the fact that at least 50-60% of my students (at THE BODYLANGUAGE STUDIO) are children.

Nigeria has been declared Ebola free.

Thank God!

What is your long term vision for the business?

I intend to create an army of world class dancers, dance teachers, choreographers, fitness experts and martial artists.

I want BODYLANGUAGE to be The Standard by which every other dance, fitness or wellness organisation (in Nigeria and beyond) will be measured.

I wish to empower professionals that will put Nigeria on the world map, as a source and provider of internationally recognized (and respected) method, skill and knowledge.

I want to my company to be the major contributor to the revolutionary process that has already begun in the dance and fitness industry.
No more will dancers be looked at at jobless people with no bright futrue.

By becoming successfully established (and yet highly skilled) members of the entertainment industry, members of THE BODYLANGUAGE COMPANY will serve as examples to upcoming entrepreneurs who intend to venture into similar fields of expertise.

THE BODULANGUAGE COMPANY is an Industry builder!

Given the chance will you do this again?

Hell yeah!
Given the chance ten times over, I'd do it again every time.

Infact, I'll begin earlier, and do it better!

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