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Monday, November 24, 2014

The Co-sharing office space trend in Nigeria #strikedanvil

On #strikedanvil this week, we are talking about one of the elements of starting small - office space! I listened to the CEO if an oil servicing company once who said when she started out with her hubby, they invested all the money they had into leasing a fancy office on Victoria Island, by the time they were done paying for the lease and maybe purchasing a table and chair, they had nothing left to actually run the business. I know a few others who have found themselves in this situation too. Many of us start out with so much zest and fire, we have our assumptions which sometimes we haven't tested, we have our start-up capital which should include the working capital for a year or two at least, but does not. Lol!! This is one of the reasons, many businesses grind to a halt or crash even before the second or third year.

The +Lean Startup model has saved many from this trend. The mantra for many these days is "have a big vision but start small". Even better now the is trend of co-shared spaces for start-ups where they can test their ideas and run a pilot of their ideas without necessarily investing so much money on acquiring office space. We have places like the +CcHub Nigeria in yaba, the Ideashub also in yaba, Venia business Hub, Enterprise Creative center on allen, +CapitalSquare Lagos in Lekki. See more here with full address and features. Someone might need it! This is the way to go for start-ups these days. 

I was in Marina recently and I visited the  +Etisalat Nigeria experience center there! Alas they have facilities for their customers too who are startups. I had a chat with the manager at the center and he'll be on the #strikedanvil show this tuesday to answer questions and share all you need to know about the center. Before the show though, I have a list of some of the features;

1. A dedicated Geek bar strictly for device related issues; 
2. A state of the art vip lounge with a well equipped library; 

3. A vip cafe; 
4. Free wifi for waiting customers; 
5. A game centre where customers can play XBOX;
6. Dedicated helpdesk for specific query types; 
7. A meeting room for 10 pple with projectors and for video conferencing.

They also give best deals on device purchase as we are in partnership with OEMs like Samsung, Apple, Nokia, Huawei, Tecno....etc With fantastic staffs to attend to all customers.

Won't you rather be an etisalat subscriber?! Hehe

Make it a date on the show this week, Tuesday, 9am - 10am, ask your questions via twitter or our dedicated phone lines - 09090000061, 09090000062!