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Monday, October 13, 2014

Find Ur Voice with Ige, Vocal Coach - Modupe Kachi #inthespiritofenterprise

It's Tuesday again, time for another entrepreneur showcase! It's quite interesting how many of us end up pursuing careers entirely different from our fields of study. I always say though, that no knowledge or experience is lost, somehow, someday, we will be able to connect the dots.

I have know Ms Ige for a long time and for as long as I can remember, all she wanted to do was sing. We even did a few gigs together (yep, I sang at some point in my life! hehe). All those Christian shows in Ife back in the day, in our white shirts and waist coats! It's really great to see her living her dream and getting paid for it! Here's her story in her own words......


Tell us about yourself

My full name is MODUPE IGE MOBOLANLE KACHI, but most people call me Ige. I had my primary and secondary education in Command Children's School, Ann's Barracks and Command Day Secondary School Ikeja. I studied Electrical electronics Engineering at the University of Lagos. I'm married and I have three (3) boys. I love classical music! I love to sing!

How did you decide you wanted to be a vocal coach?

That desire came in my university days. I realized that I quickly noticed if someone wasn't singing comfortably and I had a strong desire to help. I also noticed that there was a great need for vocal coaching in our choirs and in the music industry generally but no one seemed to know what to do or where to go for help.

Being a trained electrical engineer, did your parents support your decision?

The only challenge I had with my parents was trying to convince them to allow me do music as a career and not just a hobby. I wanted to study music but at the time it wasn't being offered as a degree course in Unilag. But it didn't stop me from going for shows and concerts while I was in school. I guess my consistency and passion bought them over. Now they are probably my biggest fans!

How did you go about building a career in this field as it is not common in Nigeria?

Well that wasn't easy, because as you said, it wasn't common because people didn't see a need for it. So I started small. I gave classes for free! (all you money money chasing people, take note!) I started doing voice training workshops at very little cost and that got the news spreading. And I prayed! (Pray like you're not working, work like you're not praying) I created a need spiritually for my expertise in the music industry, choirs, etc Before I realized it, I started having students who were willing to pay for the classes. And then, of course, MTN project fame west africa.

What challenges did you face along the way and how did you manage them? 

I think the major challenge was getting singers, musicians, choristers, etc to realize that they needed help with maintaining their voice and singing correctly. So like I said I gave free classes. Another challenge I had was knowing what to teach and how to teach it. So I read anything that had the word "voice" in it! (Read, research, read!) I needed to understand the voice and what made it work! So I googled and googled and read and read. I still do.

Tell us about your work with project fame? How did that come to be and how has it been so far?

Project fame was a major breakthrough for me and for all aspiring vocal coaches out there. For me, because I was given the opportunity to do what I had been doing in my closet in secret, on an international scale. And all aspiring vocal coaches out there could see that they mattered a lot. After my husband and I consistently created a need for my services in the music industry with our prayers, I received a call from Project fame to be the vocal coach in 2008. So God came through for me and God used people to bring it to pass, and I'm grateful to both God and the people He used.

What other services do you offer as a vocal coach?

One on one voice training, choir training, vocal training for kids, singers, super stars, voice training workshops.

Are there times you wish you had pursued your engineering path?

No way! I'm glad for the discipline it instilled in me, for the friends I made and for lessons I learnt and memories I made, but I am fulfilled doing what I am doing now. I might still go back to it, but it must be relevant to the voice. Maybe Audio or Sound Engineering!

How will you summarize your journey as a vocal coach so far?

My journey so far has been interesting. I haven't arrived yet. But I'm enjoying each step. I have learnt so many things from all the people I have been blessed to teach. Each day I want to do more, or strive to do more.

Tell us about your brand name, Ige, what does it mean?

Ige is actually my middle name, and it's a name I got based on my birth circumstance. I was born breach (I came out with my legs instead of my head) and it can be a very traumatic experience for both mother and child. But mine was very smooth. So I decided to adopt the name as my stage name to tell everyone that there's more to you than meets the eye, and that as long as there's life there's hope!

What is your vision for the brand?

My vision for the brand is simple: to be the best music academy, to help you achieve all that you can. So my voice training outfit is called Find Ur Voice with Ige. It's growing into a reputable music school and resource center.

Given the chance, will you do this again?

Yes, yes, YES!

What advice will you give to young ones trying to pursue their dreams?

Don't give up on your dreams and visions. A No is a Yes in disguise. Study, educate yourself and pray. Always ask for the finger of God in all you do. And be happy! Joy brings opportunities your way!

You can contact her via