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Monday, October 27, 2014

Entrepreneurial Skills: HCM Vs Marketing #strikedanvil

Hello fam! Thanks for listening in last week and connecting with us on twitter.Many of you agree that Matilda rocked the house! I hope you followed the learning points from the show and have at least downloaded tape a talk for that next meeting? Before somebody will come and deny you. No stories o!

Meanwhile, we are still eagerly waiting for our first caller on the show :-) Come on now! Infact, we are so eager that we have a gift for that first caller! Yes. Er... but don't come with a "Ghana-must-go-bag" to redeem the gift, it's really just a token to say, we appreciate your support. We are super like that, hehe. In case you didn't know the numbers, here they are in in bold blue!

+2349090000061, +2349090000062

Strike the anvil duo, hehe
This week, we are bringing two experts neck to neck (They'll try to act all modest and say they're not, lol!! we all know they are forming sha). It's going to be a war between the pro marketing entrepreneur type people and the pro Human Capital Management type people.

Before we get to that, what are your thoughts on this? Based on your experience, what skill do you think is most critical for an entrepreneur's success? Is it better for him/her to be strong on the marketing side or on the Human Capital Management/HR side?

Gbubemi Atimomo (Y'all remember that my friend that knows everybody in the whole world? Yea, that's him), is a Human Resource & Business professional, with proven ability in assessing organizational needs, whilst developing and implementing HR initiatives. He has worked with senior management to integrate the HR function within the overall business strategy. He recently completed his MSc in Entrepreneurship & Innovation programme at Essex Business School, UK (oh, I forgot to mention, he's an efiko too).
He'll be joining us via skype from his base #repping the pro-HCM entrepreneurs.

Tuoyo Ikimi is the CEO of Mugen communications and marketing concepts as well as total vibes entertainment and production company. He is also a managing partner of applied media outdoor, Nigeria.

He has been in business for the past 15 years. Some of his successes include the first charity concert involving all musicians and comedians and fashion designers tagged "All 4 Luv", The Caring Heart Award, in honor of.General Buba Maruwa to name a few.

His company is focused on delivering marketing campaigns for product and services wanting to stand out. They apply Media and mobile content, Talkshows, Reality shows, and all manner of entertainment programs tailored to achieve corporate goals. He will be #repping the pro-marketing entrepreneurs.

Who will you be rooting for?! Join us tomorrow, Tuesday 28th October at 9am, west african time...... You can follow us and comment on twitter too @eradiong don't forget to use the hashtag #strikedanvil.

Cheers guys.