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Monday, October 27, 2014

Special Effects makeup artist - Dorothy Emem Kwofie

Dorothea Kwofie Born Dorothy Emem Kwofie, is an actress cum special effects makeup artist. She's quite creative and daring, delving into the whirl pool of creativity to bring out the most intriguing for that Wow effect in special effects makeup. 

She's moved to change the way special effects make up is done in the Movie industry here in Nigeria and has worked on the movie sets of Secret Room, Last 3 digits, B for Boy, Not Right, I Think he loves me, same difference, days without Rain, to mention a few.

Below is a video of her, transforming a woman to a man with makeup. Please visit the link and like the video. Thanks in advance :-) 

Click this link for the video - video

Below are some pictures of her work;