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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

30 Metres Resources - Omotoyosi Bibiire Salihu #inthespiritofenterprise

Hi Guys, +Tuoyo Ikomi  and +Gbubemi Atimomo formed and Itsekiri alliance and concluded on the show that Human Resource Management and Marketing are both as important skills as the other for entrepreneurs to have! As hard as Kenny and I tried, we didn't quite bring the house down. hehe. Thanks for tuning in and please tune in again next Tuesday. If you haven't downloaded the app please look for the enterprise radio Nigeria app on google playstore, blackberry appstore or in your IOs appstore.

How many of you have noticed that getting drivers, house keepers etc has become a nightmare lately? My Dad has been trying to get on for so long now with no luck. So there is a need here, non? Yea, that's what Toyosi saw and this is why she decided to set up 30 Metres resources. She's our #inthespiritofenterprise feature today. Read all about her.


Tell us about yourself

My name is Omotoyosi Bibiire Salihu, founder 30 Metres Resources. I have an LLB, B.L degree from Olabisi Onabanjo University. I am passionate about service excellence and delivery.

Tell us about your business
30meters Resources is a Domestic Recruitment company sourcing for Drivers, Nannies, Housekeepers etc.

Our Mission is to provide peace of mind for our Clients so they can do other meaningful work. With a vision to revolutionize the "Omodo" Sector and show people it is a profession like any other.

I'd been nursing this idea for a while, I finally summoned the courage and took the plunge on the 1st day of September 2014 when I placed the First Driver with a Client.We currently operate from my Living room which doubles as the Lagos Arm of our Law Firm. Most of our transactions are done online until we have agreed on terms and conditions. 

What was your Inspiration for this business? 
We have left the business of people catering to our Families for too long with charlatans. The downside is we get House helps and Drivers with myriad of issues ranging from theft to kidnapping.

It is time to dignify people who take care of our homes so we can concentrate on our businesses and professions. Our slogan is saying "No to Modern say Slavery".

Whether we agree or not, our Domestic Staff are like a life wire (I know this!), that's why we need dependable hands.

The people that bring in Helps from Cotonou 7 out of 10 times do not pay the Helps. Their salary is shared between them and their Parents, nothing goes to the Help.

It is time for a mindset change, it is time to treat Hired helps as Human Beings.

How did you get funding for the business?

I started the business mainly with funds from my Savings. I previously worked as the Station Manager of Rainbow 94.1 FM and I knew one day I had to do recruitment services. I just was not sure what sector to recruit in. 

I was in charge of recruiting as Station Manager, I had experience to work with.

How will you summarize the journey so far?
Domestic Recruitment is very challenging. The Staff themselves need a mindset change same as their bosses.

The Staff already have a set opinion of people they would work for; the Bosses already think they are worthless people. The Circle is a vicious one.

It will take time to balance these preconceived notions. This is more from the Bosses, an Oga thinks nothing of it to begin to curse his Driver or even sleep with/rape his maid.

The Driver/Maid also thinks nothing of it to rob the Oga at a given opportunity. I have had cases like this.

Also, we have no Laws safeguarding the rights of Domestic Staff, the Labor Law touching on it is so ridiculously worded.

In other climes, Domestic workers have unions, they have minimum wages etc. They have a structure to cushion them.

In Nigeria, citing an example ; As a personal driver in the employ of Chief Lagbaja, there is no chance for growth, no promotions, so the Driver must be paid well so he can cater to his own needs.

How would you measure your success in achieving your goals so far?

We have barely began to scratch the surface. The scope of what we are challenging frightens me, but it is doable and we are at least going to try.

How have you impacted your community?

A lot of our Youth are not employed, a lot are unemployable. A lot are involved in Get rich quick schemes. If you look around, you will find casino like kiosks all around, Alcohol intake is also on the rise....All of these suggests idle youth.

So Job creation is a first. We started out with people in our Community giving them first choice. Most of them see Domestic jobs as demeaning and below thier station. Our impact is to make them see that sometimes these Jobs can drive you to do better, they can be a means to an end.

Our impact is minute now, but we have started.

What are the main challenges you have faced so far and how have you managed them?

One of the main challenges of the business as I mentioned earlier is the Mindset of both employer and employee. We try to go to the Home of the Employer to find out how if our Staff is okay, regular communication is important.

Another one is the help running away, I haven't experienced this because we drum it into the Help's ears that working as Maid is not slavery.

If you cannot work with a person, let us know,do not run away.

The rest are trade secrets. We cannot divulge for security reasons.

What are the main opportunities that you have been able to leverage to get where you are today?

My Law Degree is very helpful here, I have 6 years cognate experience practicing Law.

I had a show on Radio called the Law and You, I usually would get Lawyers to speak on a broad spectrum of issues, this has also helped me carve out a mission statement with which to work by.

I am also a Mother, I know exactly how it feels to have Maids and Drivers so I am in a position to recruit.

Given the chance will you do this again?

Domestic Recruitment is very Interesting, I would do it again because I absolutely love it and it does not bore me.

What advice will you give to other entrepreneurs looking to launch

Research, Research, Be Realistic and Be Passionate

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