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Monday, October 20, 2014

Gentleman's agreement? Thanks but no thanks......

I woke up this morning to find this huge annoying zit close to my forehead, eeek! I wish there was something I could use to blast it away. Mscheew.

In other news, have you downloaded the enterprise radio app? Come on now! My show #strikedanvil is on tomorrow o, from 9am to 10am. I know you can always stream the recorded version later, but I want the discussion to be rich and engaging, so I am humbly begging - Go to and download the app biko!

Here's a brief on what tomorrow's discussion is about;

Scenario 1
A small company gets an LPO to supply goods to a big company after presenting samples and getting selected. In the course of communication by mail, phone and face to face, the goods are delivered as per the LPO but with a few adjustments. However things get awry as the MD is not happy with the final result. Tempers flare and small company ends up with a threat of litigation for breach of contract if the advance is not paid back within a week! yawa

Scenario 2
A hall manager's friend calls him up to contract the hall for a week long program. They discuss discounts and agree prices. A deposit is made and the program sets off. One or two things go wrong with the service and as friends, they trash it out over the phone and the hall manager offers apologies. Oya Ogbeni, pay my balance now! Mr. Friend brings up issues Mr. hall manager thought were resolved and slams them a lawsuit for inconveniences caused, requesting for damages sef!. Lobatan

Scenario 3
NYSC graduate has an idea and approaches a money bag to invest in his idea. After series of rigorous analyses and reviews, he's told the idea cannot fly. A month later who turns up on the radio talking about the next best thing....... you guessed right! Money bag's nephew. Yeepa

Scenario 4
Yemi has an idea and calls up his friend Jackson. They are both excited and run with the idea. After years of sweat and hard work, Jackson gives up and moves on to other things while Yemi sticks with the idea, putting in all he's got. With determination and endurance, Yemi finally gets a big break and guess who shows up demanding for a piece of the pie...... uhuh! But how naaa.

These are real life scenarios that different people trying to make an honest living face every other day. How does one protect his business or himself from such scenarios? How does one deal with such issues when they find themselves in these situations?

+Matilda Otulana is the CEO, Serenpidity Legal Concerns. She is a Lawyer, biker (yes! isn't that just cool) and entrepreneur with experience in banking and corporate legal practice. She will be joining us tomorrow to give practical tips and advice on avoiding or handling issues such as these. Shine your eye! (I couldn't resist throwing that in, hehe)

We are not playing at all! hehe