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Wednesday, September 9, 2015


Last year, I took a techno entrepreneurship course at the Federal Institute of Industrial Research and it opened my eyes to a lot of things.

You would be surprised how many raw materials have been researched and are waiting to be commercialized.

My mushroom practical
The Federal Institute of Industrial Research, Oshodi (FIIRO) is a parastatal under the agency of the Federal Ministry of Science and Technology. FIIRO was the idea of an economic mission sent to Nigeria in 1953 by the World Bank. The mission's observation was that industrial research activities in Nigeria were diffused and uncoordinated with no definite direction. Consequently, a decision was reached to set the Institute in 1956.

Their mission is to conduct and promote market-driven research and development (R&D) for the industrialization and socio-economic development of the country.

The areas they focus on are;
  • Research and Development of Food and Agro – Allied Processing Technologies.
  • Research and Development into Pulp and Paper Processing.
  • Research and Development into Packaging and Product Design
  • Design and Fabrication of Equipment Prototype

My mushroom project
Ondo girls too like book, lol

Did you know that Ola Ola and Ayoola are products of FIIRO research? I was exposed to officials from NAFDAC, BOI, NASME, NEPC, TIC, SMEDAN amongst others. For a long time I had wondered about bottling palm wine for african themed hampers, alas they already researched this in FIIRO and some entrepreneurs through FIIRO are already exporting bottled palm wine.

Plus, did you know we have technology incubation centers at different locations across the federation?

There's really a lot of information out there that would save you a lot of trouble in starting a business. One thing I have learnt over the years is that information is power!

Actually FIIRO could use a lot of publicity, they've got a lot of good stuff. It was after my course there that I realized the disconnect between many of our formal institutions and these research institutions. They all need to work side by side. Don't you think?

So I saw their training schedule for this last quarter of 2015 and I thought to share. Someone might need this. Please share!



1. Cassava Flour Production  - Sept 02-04, Oct 07-09, Nov 25-27, Dec 09-11 N30,000.00

2. Instant Pounded Yam Flour Production - Sept 14-18, Oct 05-09, Nov 16-20, Dec 14-18 N20,000.00

3. Bread and Confectionary Baking(including Soy Snacks) -  Sept 07-11, Oct 19-23, Nov 16-20, Dec 14-18 N20,000.00

4. Fufu Flour Production from Cassava - Sept 17-22, Oct 08-12, Nov 26- Dec 02 N20,000.00

5. Edible Mushroom Production - Sept 14-18, Oct 05-09, Nov 16-20 N20,000.00

6. Fruit Juice Production from Nigeria Fruits - Sept 07-11, Oct 05-09, Dec 14-18 N20,000.00

7. Zobo Drink Production and Preservation - Sept 19-22, Oct 14-16, Dec 09-11 N15,000.00

8. Palm Wine Bottling and Preservation - Oct 21-23, Nov 25-27 N15,000.00

9. Smoked Fish Production - Sept 09-11, Oct 21-23, Nov 25-27, Dec 16-18 N20,000.00

10. Cassava Starch Production - Sept 14-18, Oct 19-23, Dec 14-18 N15,000.00

11. Kunu Drink Production and Preservation - Sept 21-25, Nov 16-24 N20,000.00

12. Plantain Flour Production - Sept 28- Oct 02, Oct 12-16, Nov 16-20 N20,000.00

13. Electroplating and Plug Refurbishing - Oct 12-16, Nov 16-20 N20,000.00

14. Cassava Chips Production - Oct 28-30, Dec 16-18 N15,000.00

15. Laundry Soap Production - Sept 21-25, Oct 19-23, Nov 23-27, Dec 14-18 N15,000.00

16. Toilet Cleanser Production - Oct 19-23, Nov 23-27, Dec 14-18 N15,000.00

17. Computer Appreciation Training - Oct 12-24, Nov 16-30 N15,000.00


All those contemplating the establishment of cottage, small and medium scale Industries.

Agro-Industrial/Business Consultants.

Designers and Fabricators of Processing Equipment and Machinery.

Those in Baking, Hotels and Catering Businesses.

Operators of Cottage and Medium scale Agricultural Farms.

Those already in production with quality control problems.


Applications are to be forwarded in person with cash or mail (courier) accompanied with bank draft addressed to:-

The Director-General
Federal Institute of Industrial Research, Oshodi, Off Agege Motor road, Via Cappa Bus Stop,
P.M.B 21023, Ikeja-Lagos State
Tel: 01-4531364, 08023414996, 08023164201

For Enquiry on FIIRO Technology contact:
Enquiry Time: Monday to Friday between 9:00am to 4:00pm daily.

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