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Monday, November 10, 2014

Entrepreneurship and universities…. #strikedanvil

Before this goes up, I can't help but pay my last respects to +myles munroe and all the lives that were lost in the crash earlier today. It's just a shocking reminder that life is short! In a flash it can all be over, just like that. What are you spending your time doing?

Last week was a very eventful week, I was fortunate to participate in the +Google Nigeria digital business managers training for three days. I met the most amazing people in the Nigerian digital sphere :-) , we were treated to good food at Protea hotel and I learnt a lot of great new stuff! Google just bought me! I am so totally bought over.

Can you spot me?
I must give credit to the source of my inspiration for this week’s show; I was looking through my timeline on Saturday evening and I came across a tweet by +Praise Fowowe , it went;

“ Final projects in our universities must become products or visible solutions” - My first reaction was na yam! lmao.

This got me thinking though; for starters I can’t really remember what my chemical engineering final year project was about, so chances that it has added any value to the economy as a product or visible solution is doubtful. This is my confession and I bet it’s pretty much true for many other students from my day, especially for technical courses.

I have a friend who’s doing his PHD at the moment, he complains bitterly about the way lecturers hoard chemicals and apparatus for projects because of lack of funding. How can anyone make a huge discovery under such conditions? Research is critical to economic development, so if there’s no funding or not enough funding, we have a long way to go.

On the other hand, I remember more about my sister’s project from Covenant University than I do about mine. It was about the aviation sector and she actually visited airlines and got real people to fill out questionnaires that we thought through together. I can’t say whether this is because of the approach at Covenant University or because it was a project in the social sciences. Whatever the case, hers had a better chance of making some form of impact.

During the Google training, I met one of the Google ambassadors from Ekiti state university (woow! Lucky guy), he mentioned that he was part of an entrepreneurship promotion group known as +Enactus - Curious to know more, I visited their site and was surprised to see that they have been around for a while and that they have activities across different campuses of the globe! Interesting! I remember  +AISEC from my day, many Aisecers turned out pretty good and every time I think about it, I wonder why I wasn’t involved (I was too busy trying to survive chemical engineering and fellowship, hehe).

Tying all of these events together i.e my stumbling on Praise Fowowe’s tweet and my encounter with an enactus ambassador, hey, who better to discuss this week’s topic than +Enactus representatives from my great Alma matter, university of Lagos! They can never fall my hand. Sorry I am biased. Also joining us via twitter are +abayomi tajudeen sarumi representing Ekiti state university live from Ekiti as well as +Olabode Emmanuel representing the not so great university of Ife (it's beef I accept).

Here are the questions to think about?

- What is your university doing to encourage entrepreneurship?

- Will you consider entrepreneurship after school, or would you rather work for that six figure salary in say Mobil for example?

- How did you choose your final year project focus/topic and why?

- Are you part of any entrepreneurship development group on campus?

- Who are the top entrepreneurs in your school? (we are not talking yahoo yahoo boys o, hehe)

Our panelists....

Orukpe Precious Joy
 Orukpe Precious Joy is also known as Presi-J. She can be described as a passionate leader with in view English education at the prestigious university of Lagos .She is a music minister,dancer and a leader in the Believers Loveworld Nation.She has organized several programs in which the lives of young people have been changed and these young people are imparting their world.She is a member of Enactus, and currently the Executive Secretary of +Enactus, university of Lagos.
AKPOVETA, Valentine
Orukpe Precious Joy, ventured in the world of Fashion for the passion.She is a lover of what makes you beautiful and stand-out.She was part of the organizer of the Teens on Fire initiatives,she has worked with Torera ,Joepraize ,BTC Fashion Creation and many others to mention a few.She also worked at the Lagos Fashion show (2013)as an intern.

AKPOVETA, Valentine is a Personal Effectiveness Coach/Trainer, Public Speaker, and Author.He has served severally with distinguished performance in Leadership Capacities in various Organizations and is a contributor to several Print and Web Media.

He is driven by the desire to help young people discover Purpose and make the quantum leap from Efficiency to Effectiveness by inspiring them to use Time wisely to do the Best Things in the Most Productive ways.

He does this through his books, audios, training and seminars.

His pastimes include Critical Thinking, Reading, Group Discussions, Net Surfing and Writing.

He volunteers for a few non-profit organizations, and carried out projects in slums and high need areas.

Abayomi Tajudeen Sarumi 
He is the immediate past team leader of the +Enactus group at the university of Lagos.

Abayomi Tajudeen Sarumi is a young blogger, sociopreneur, farmer in training and a project manager who prides himself as an astute netizen. He also teaches the art of writing on campus.

Over the years, he has contributed to community project development and management in Ondo and Ekiti States with focus on poverty alleviation, youth empowerment and leadership training.

He is driven by his passion to see a new nation where the youth are fully integrated into decision making processes based on merit and social value system.

He works with and volunteers for various individuals and organisations around the country on life changing projects that are not for profit making.
His hobbies include cooking, surfing the net, networking and mentoring.

Olabode Emmanuel Olawumi
Olabode Emmanuel Olawumi is a final year student of Dramatic Arts at Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Osun State. 

He his a media entrepreneur and the Founder/Creative Director/Publisher of OYA Magazine - (an entertainment and youth empowerment magazine that celebrates outstanding young achievers.

Emmanuel is a creative thinker, a strategist who is full of ideas and sees them through to fulfilment. He has worked with different brands and organisations - most especially in field of public relations.

His core values include: creativity, leadership, integrity, quality service, uniqueness and excellence.

He is currently a volunteer for the Future Awards Project 2014 and the Public Relations Officer/Social Director of his department in school.

He is first a business man, writes when he his emotional or gets infuriated at events happening around him, he loves acting but hasn't been on stage for over two years.

His biggest dream is to be the richest man in the world. How does he intend to achieve this? He says he wants to help people, brands, organisations and nations solve problems.

He loves being happy and meeting happy people.

He believes there is strength in team work.

We hope to have an engaging session with students calling in to give us insights on entrepreneurship activities in their schools. The numbers to call are;

0909000061, 09090000062

You can also join in on twitter with the hashtag #strikedanvil follow @eradiong! See you!