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Monday, November 17, 2014

Entrepreneurship in the information age #strikedanvil

It's Tuesday again, another #strikedanvil session on enterprise radio! Whoop whoop. As always, it would be an honor to have you listen in and interact with us on @eradiong or by calling, 09090000061, 09090000062. You can listen to last week's show here if you missed it. Thanks again for your support so far!! We love you!

Ever wonder why #Google is king of the world today? (Yea,don't forget they bought me over, hehe.)  The world has evolved from the agricultural age, where farmers ruled to the industrial age where engineers ruled to the current information age where data miners/providers rule. Right now, Information is King...... connect the dots.

Access to information has largely affected the way we do business, entrepreneurs increasingly have to be on top of their game as customers have access to more information now, than ever before. Everyday, digital innovation is changing lives in ways never expected, touching all parts of human existence. Google chairman Eric Schmidt recently described technological advance as “a race between computers and people and the people need to win.”

How does an entrepreneur remain ahead in this time? How can entrepreneurs position themselves to take advantage of this age? The general consensus is that Africans do not read, how true is this? Can an entrepreneur really survive without constantly reading and updating his/herself in this age? Where can you find this information? Is it free, is it paid? Is it timely, accurate and does it have integrity? These are the issues we have to deal with as entrepreneurs. 

Joining us to discuss this tomorrow is Howell Allusi.

Howell Allusi is the founder of the Wyzak interactive platform, he has a background in computer science from Imo State University and has over seven years of experience in telecoms. He is passionate about Nigerians and helping people succeed, which is why Wyzak interactive was born.

Wyzak Interactive is a global exchange for career and business start-up expertise. The aim is to connect people looking to;

- Step out from their existing career to a new career,

- Start a company,

- Enhance their current job skills

with expert advisors working in hundreds of fields in Nigeria and Africa as a whole.

The platform was launched with various free training in the fields of Agriculture, business plan writing among others.Howell will be sharing his experience with how Nigerians interact with and take advantage of information available to them on the internet.

Wyzak is currently running two competitions for entrepreneurs;

The first is a business idea competition with the details below;

Learning how to put your business idea on paper is the first step to starting that business. Let us teach you how to write a proper business plan and 3 people would step into 2015 with seed funds (N100,000 each) to start that small business idea. 

To enter:

1. Register and attend the live Writing the Winning Business Plan webinars at

2. Download the Business Plan Template from the website

3. Use the template to fill in your business idea

4. Submit the business plan via email to

Judging criteria can be found in the Terms and Conditions

Contest entry period: December 5th - 20th, 2014.

Winner would be announced on January 16th, 2015

Please read the Terms and Conditions before contesting.

Facebook:, Twitter: @wyzak_int, Instagram: @wyzak_interactive

For more enquiries contact us at or call +234 701 231 7518

Second is a competition for those in the agricultural sector;

We invite all aspiring and eligible entrepreneurs to participate in our 1st Agribusiness Competition titled #XmasFoodie Photo Contest. This competition aims to:

· Contribute to the development of the agriculture industry in Nigeria.

· Provide individuals with the basic understanding of various Agribusinesses and the opportunities involved in making it a good investment alternative.

· Stimulate and promote entrepreneurial initiatives.

· Encourage Nigerian entrepreneurs with several non-financial support.

648 Square metre plot of land at Igbesa- Agbara, Ogun State. (Close to Badagry, Lagos state.)

· C of O in-place

· Government approved layout

· Registered layout

The Theme of this contest is focused on Fish farming and Poultry production.

To Participate

1. Register and attend the Live and Interactive Agribusiness Webinars at

2. Take a photo of your ideal Xmas Meal (using any Fish or Poultry product)

3. Share your Photo on your personal Instagram page and tag your Photo with @wyzak_interactive and the hashtag #XmasFoodie or

4. Tweet with your Photo and the #XmasFoodie hashtag to the @wyzak_int handle.

Photo may be from your favourite local restaurant, fast food, bar, or your kitchen... you get the picture. Proper credit and title for all photos is also required. If you are using photos from your favourite spot or kitchen... let us know what and where it is.

The winning photo would be judged entirely on its artistic merit, popularity (likes) and adherence to contest theme.

Contest entry period: December 1st - 20th, 2014.

Winner would be announced on December 29th, 2014.

Please read the Terms and Conditions before contesting.

This Contest is supported by SENCE AGRIC and Next Dimension Properties LTD.

Facebook:, Twitter: @wyzak_int, Instagram: @wyzak_interactive

For more enquiries contact us at or call +234 701 231 7518

Think this is an opportunity for you? Visit the wyzak interactive website and apply ASAP!!

Cheers guys!

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