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Tuesday, February 10, 2015 - Nonso Temisan Afujo #inthespiritofenterprise

Gone are the days when some professions were looked at as being meant for drop outs and non serious minded people. I remember when one of my mentees wanted to make the switch from the sciences to arts, he said his school counselors made his life miserable, like "what, you are too brilliant for art class, why do you want to waste away, bla bla..." . We have come a long way and now more than ever before, people have the support and encouragement to be the best in whatever they choose to pursue.

This is why now, we have musicians with PHDs and DJs with MBAs like our friend here, Nonso....

Tell us about yourself

My name is Nonso Temisan Ajufo. I am a twin. I have a twin sister, an older sister and an older brother.

Tell us about your business

I am the CEO of Big N Inc. And Centurion Dj ltd. I am a dj by profession. I do strictly corporate events, weddings and shows.

How did you get into DJ-ing?

When I was in london. I reunited with a friend of mine called Kennedy. He was djing at a house party in coventry. I took interest in it because I saw the craft drew the ladies to you. I harnessed my skills and made it my daily bread.

Was your family in support of this, considering you background and degrees?

I come from a very liberal Family. Our motto is "be the best you can be". My dad has always said "if you want to be a shoe the best around" it's that simple.

How has your academic background impacted on your business?

There's simply no substitute for education. My MBA and Bsc have played a very pivotal role on my career. It has seamlessly allowed me to incorporate strategy and risk management into my business as a whole. I have been able to use different models from my education to gain competitive advantage in the industry. It has also helped me in terms of brand positioning. Something I might not have thought of otherwise.

How did you get the deal with Mavin records?

It's not a deal per say. I think Talent speaks for itself. I started out as Dr Sid's official Dj, after sometime, there was need for me to dj for the whole team. They have since become family.

How will you summarize the journey so far?
Like I always say..."the whole is greater than the sum of it's parts" don Jazzy being the head of the SMD (supreme Mavin dynasty), it's been easy to move forward and propel towards success, because he has a gift of foresight. Sid is a highly intellectual person which makes it more than easy to communicate with him. Tiwa is a darling and doll. Reekado, d'ija and Korede are also a bunch of sweetness. What more can u ask from a team. The right atmosphere and environment has been created which facilitates motivation and positivity.

What are the main challenges you have faced and how have you managed them?

To be honest with you, I can't really say I have faced challenges yet. But I would be silly to say none may come. Every structure or institution is faced with challenges and problems at a particular time. But i think that's where crisis management comes in. Life isn't complicated. What's blue is blue, what's black is black.

What is your long term vision for your business?

I see my self in the nearest future as fulfilled, I'd also like to create an avenue where djs and entertainers get their due. Djs are still being disrespected in the society, as they believe it's the street boys and ragamuffins that do it. I want to create a platform where there will be specific structures put on place and a minimum value you can pay a dj in this country. They will also have technical and entertainment riders where clients will have to adhere. Until then, I don't see djs being treated seriously.

Given the chance will you do this again?

Most definitely

What advice will you give to others trying to harness their talents for success? 

The same advice I give everyone. If you dream it, it's achievable. You cannot know the price of a hummer if u don't go and look for it. Secondly, maximize opportunities. I always say, opportunities are like lagos highways and roads. No zebra crossings...if you don't cross, no one will wait for you. Period.