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Monday, February 16, 2015

Start where you are..... It's practice #strikedanvil

Hi everyone, "E kuu valentine" (a yoruba phrase that is used to greet people for almost anything, e kuu subsidy, e kuu j'oko, e kuu dide etc). Hehe. But seriously, how did the day go? Especially for those of you who thought INEC had saved you, only for them to pull the plug on your perfect excuse! hahaha. +Trezorlandia got loads of last minute panic calls a few days to d-day. 

The enterprise radio app has been down for a couple of days and I have been biting my fingernails, waiting and hoping +Abiodun Oyetunji our IT guru gets it sorted before the next show. I checked in on the app this morning and voila! It was working. Glooowray!! (Glory with an attitude) hehe. It can be quite discouraging when you feel like you are just talking into thin air... which brings me to one great meme I saw recently, in fact two;

First one is of Ed Sheeran; 

 You do know +Ed Sheeran and how huge he is now. His song #thinkingoutloud is smoking hot and has been named one of the greatest love songs of all time. If you haven't heard the song, you gotta listen here;

Who would have thought he started out with really humble beginnings.

The second picture below reminds me of something I heard +Asa OfficialMusic say in an interview she gave some time ago. She said, her mentor told her to always perform with all of her heart and might (para-phrased), that even if it was one person in the room, she should perform like she would for a hall filled with people. 

Running my show, knowing the app was down was kind'a close but not as close and I was almost discouraged, so imagine how it would be performing in a large auditorium to a handful of people. The thing though, is to never stop, just keep going, worst case you would have got good practice.

This week on #strikedanvil we will be discussing humble beginnings under the fancy title "start where you are". Many times we don't do anything because we are waiting for the hall to get full, or the money we're saving for that big office to get complete and so on. Guess what, that perfect moment most likely will never come. How about you start now, in your father's backyard.

Joining us in the studio is Kolawole Betiku.

Betiku kolawole a graduate of chemical engineering (best believe when I say engineers are the bestest!! hehe) from the prestigious university of Lagos. He is a certified negotiation specialist, (TNSB, Usa), a partner at Ekinalok Company and also doubles as head of business innovations and strategy development. 

He is a dynamic young man with a positive mindset towards achieving landmarks. A native of Ondo state, a relationship coach and founder of an empowerment scheme called CHANCE. Kolawole has always been an entrepreneur since he graduated from the university. He has successfully developed winning strategies by consulting for international and local brands.

Kola has vast experience working with young students to develop their entrepreneurial skill sets and make a living even while in school. We will be talking about this and his experience with helping students start from where they are.

Now the app is back up, so if you haven't downloaded it, please do - You can also listen in by just going to the website or on tunein - . Don't stop there, ensure you tune in tomorrow at 9:00am to listen in and interact with us via twitter @eradiong @sonaike or by calling in on any of the dedicated numbers - 09090000061, 09090000062.

Look forward to hearing from you!! 

Cheers guys.