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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

AnQ-àrá - Kennedy Ifedolapo Adetayo #inthespiritofenterprise

So, this is the first time I am showcasing two entrepreneurs on the same day. Couldn't resist. They have both inspired me, I hope they inspire you too.

We've met Chinenye (Er..., so I went and published this one first!! Sorry), next up is Kennedy.

When you speak to Kennedy, you would immediately know that "boys are not smiling" lol!! He means business. More importantly, he enjoys what he does. Plus, just like Chinenye, he too has a sense of humor. I am beginning to think, for you to survive the business terrain in Nigeria, you do need a sense of humor.

I had to ask about his brand name, because it's really different  with a bit of vava-voom (whatever that means, lol) and he had a whole epistle to roll out about it! Lol.

Let's meet Kennedy.


Tell us about yourself

Been asked this question too many times in interviews, anyways my names are Kennedy Ifedolapo Adetayo, a graduate of the federal university of agriculture, abeokuta. I'm a native of Ogun state, first of three children and I love fashion like I love food(I do love good food a lot) - Men! *rolling eyes*

How did you get into this?

I'm used to hearing people say "I started from the bottom,now I'm here",well for me it started as a hobby back then in school, ruined all the good clothes my uncle and aunt abroad sent to me all in the name of 'customizing' it, then I got better and others could trust me with their clothes and by the time I was in final year, I was getting jobs from various departments to make their polos.

After school and during NYSC(which I served in ibadan, Oyo State), I lived close to the famous gbagi market and I was wondering how I could incorporate ankara and other african attires into my clothing line, I spoke with few friends and they immediately ruled out the possibility...just what I needed to hear to try it out! And that was how AnQ-àrá was born.

What does the name mean?

Despite its synonimity with the fabric ankara, AnQ-àrá's name did not come from it,well imbibed in the name is the word 'ara' which means different things in different languages, here are some;

Ara-Body (yoruba)
AnQ-àrá's objective is to find,make and/or manufacture fashion ideas and clothing for all body sizes.

AnQ-àrá is a force,one that must be reckoned with in the fashion business,not to be feared but respected across the world

AnQ-àrá is a community of vibrant youths who wants to make a difference,we imbibe former students of our training academy as well as artisans(e.g cobblers,tailors etc) all good at what they do.

AnQ-àrá's designs wold never cease to amaze you with unique designs and blend of colour never before imagined.

This man can ankaralize anytin!
The Journey

To me, the journey has just started but so far I'd call it bitter-sweet (like that taste you get from half ripe agbalumo you have rubbed on the wall for about five minutes), besides a caring mum yelling that I get a real job to friends that want to invest in my business and control 70% stake to sitting down with cobblers and tailors so they won't ditch your work to delivering one sandal to agbara to female friends asking for freebies (hahahaha!!!) to people calling you gay for making female clothings but in all, I see noting but a new challenge to be conquered. Its been wonder-fun this far and I pray it will be better!

Where do you see AnQ-àrá in the future

Lining up models in fashion weeks in new york,tokyo,london and berlin, having a 6-acre factory set up somewhere in ogun state,being a household name in africa and beyond and partnering with multinationals to push boundaries.

Given another chance, what would you trade this for?

Oh yes, the only thing I'd trade AnQ-àrá for in another life is being at the pearly gates sorting out Nigerians whether they go to heaven or hell(but we both know that won't happen, hehe).

You know how we do! Go and follow, like, call and above all BUY!!

AnQ-àrá | African ethics.....World class designs
Instagram: @4Qhen #anqara
Twitter: @4Qhen @AnQ_ara

#: 08059848080, 08020999288

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