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Monday, October 7, 2013

ION Jewelry - Ibironke Nihma Oduniyi #Inthespiritofenterprise

My first encounter with Ibironke was about two years ago, I was scouting around Lagos for a jeweler that could engrave someone's name on a sterling silver bracelet for a client. A friend, who also does handmade jewelry, wire works and pearls, under the brand name DidiRose, gave me her number. On connecting with her, I was surprised to see the different designs she was able to craft with gold and sterling silver.

She makes fine pieces that are affordable and come with a guarantee. She has this policy that gives anyone who buys a piece from her, free cleaning and polishing as well as minor repairs for life. She also holds an annual buffet for ION Jewelry owners. What's not to love!

Let's get to meet her...


Tell us about yourself
My names are Ibironke Nihma Oduniyi and I'm the Creative director of ION Jewelry and lead facilitator at the ION Jewelry Design School.

Schools and courses;

I took numerous Short courses ( Silversmithing, How to run a jewelry business,Jewelry design, Working with plastics and metals, and Experimental jewelry) at the Central Saint Martins, College of Art and Design, University of Arts,London, I later did a 6 months apprenticeship program with a local goldsmith back here in Nigeria.

What Led you into Goldsmithing?

Growing up I watched my mum adorn herself with quite a number gold jewelry pieces and I've always been fascinated about how to make them and by luck I stumbled upon an advert in the local newspaper about goldsmithing training here in lagos, which was exciting news to me because I've always thought the training of that sort didn't exist in this side of the world asides the well known 7+ years of apprenticeship in a local goldsmithing workshop. I tried the class for a short while and left it to pick it up again 2 years after, this time around I went for training in the United Kingdom.

How has the journey been so far?

Initially it was very difficult especially when one is trying gain the acceptance of the Nigerian market (which is a varied group of people I must add) but with time God has been faithful and the brand is slowly gaining recognition and trust.

Describe your brand?

The ION Jewelry brand is a luxury jewelry brand that's timeless in sense of design and caters to needs of the Nigerian man or woman in search of classic and unique precious metal jewelry pieces which will last him or her for many years to come.

Its a brand that's always there for its clients even after purchase of jewelry item by offering after purchase services in form of free repair and polishing policy thereby maintaining it for years to come.

How do you define an ION woman?

An ION Woman is woman who loves wearing a showpiece that starts a conversation, she is unique and vibrant and most of all loves crystals and gemstones.

Are you that woman? Then you must be interested in the details below;

Mobile: 08085836502
Twitter: @IONJewelryng
Facebook: ionjewelry

Ibironke also runs a school for jewelry design.

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