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Monday, October 21, 2013

MYBIZHUBSTORE - Chibuike Wogu #inthespiritofenterprise

Would you believe it if I told you not one single person has emailed me and followed through on getting featured in this entrepreneur showcase segment. No kidding!! At some point I was beginning to wonder "where is everybody"? Or maybe most are there thinking this blog is not yet prestigious enough to be featured on, who knows? When I think about it though, I realize that not many people get around to taking that first step. We all hear about some competition or an opportunity or platform like this and we make a mental note but never really follow up.

I told Chibuike I would celebrate him. His mail was a breath of fresh air. I had an "at least someone needs this" kind'a feeling. When I spotted the mail, I thought to myself, even if this is person running some mundane business (not like any business is mundane, even if u were selling sweets in front of someone's gate! It ain't a joke), I would feature him, just for making that move. Alas, he even has something all entrepreneurs and even company executives need!

Let's get to meet Chibuike Wogu.


Tell us about yourself

I am Chinuike Wogu. I have a BSc in International Business Management, Poznan University College of Business, Poland and an MSc. in Strategic Marketing, London School of Business and Finance.

I worked with FBC Beverages as a Trade Marketing Representative, then with British American tobacco as a brand marketing executive and then with Saro Agrosciences as a Strategy and Business Development Executive. (Efiko! hehe)

During my time at Saro, I started entrepreneurial dreams and Mybizhubstore was founded

What is mybizhubstore about?

So we basically operate as an online store. With our flagship, iPLANMYBUSINESS, we aim to help businesses and business people accomplish more professionally in less time. ( I could use this meen, more in less time sounds good!)

iPLANMYBUSINESS is a compilation of professionally drafted business document templates that can help SMEs and Home business owners do a whole lot that include but not limited to strategic business and marketing planning, business and sales  proposal writing, marketing study and market trend analysis.

What was your inspiration?

I felt I could give more back to the society. I found out that in the corporate world there was little opportunity for me to express my full potential. I knew I had to quit paid employment if I was to achieve my objective of giving back to the society.

Until one ventures into entrepreneurship, one wouldn't have the opportunity to embrace a whole new world of openness and possibilities. Entrepreneurship for me is like a door that opens to many more doors of possibilities.

Also, many Nigerian and African entrepreneurs lack good knowledge and competence in drafting top notch business plans, marketing plans, etc to drive their business growth and sustenance,  that basically inspired mybizhubstore, so we can fill that gap by providing these entrepreneurs the necessary business tools to achieve their business goals and objectives.

How has the journey been so far?

So far, it has been rewarding and challenging. However, what keeps me going through all challenges is the assurance that success is inevitable for me as long as I remain consistent with what I'm doing.

It was a bold decision I had to make and Its paying off by God's grace

What's the cost of the "iplanmybuisness"?

iPLANMYBUSINESS is on offer at $39.99 which is the equivalent of 6,400 Naira.

We are currently giving a discount, so people can save $20 when they download till 1st January 2014.

After 1st January the cost will be $59.99 which is approximately 9,600 Naira.

Guys, hurry and take advantage of this offer. I know how many hours it takes me sometimes to put a professional proposal together or to do a financial report or marketing plan! Templates make life easy and this is one from one of us! No excuses please.

To download iPLANMYBUSINESS and stay up to date with mybizhubstore;


To be featured on our Tuesday segment. Send a mail to

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