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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Where did all the plumbers go? #inthelineofduty

I am practically sleep typing. But seeing as I haven't posted #inthelineofduty in about two weeks, I will still make this attempt to be coherent and put something out as I nod off slowly.

Where have all the artisans gone? Everybody's busy doing fancy stuff these days.  Specifically the plumbers. Back in the day, they were the ones chasing and begging to work for you, these days however......... why all this yeah? I have mopped floor tire today. My nanny did most of it, but I couldn't just watch the poor old woman mop non stop and then drop! Plumbing headache ehn! I hate!

I was out on the island in the middle of a meeting when I got a distress call from her saying the tap in one of the bathrooms was leaking. I was even annoyed at first thinking, ehen, so what should I do o. Drop everything and run home, like I'm a plumber abi. When I got home however, and saw the river Niger (despite the fact that she had been mopping non stop o), I understood her frustration. Thank God I didn't have to deal with so much traffic today. Imagine dealing with mad traffic and then coming home to river Niger! Na die be dat naa. Anyway, since our "bigs boy" plumber stays far away from us, I desperately tried to get a plumber around, for where! They are fast becoming extinct. Luckily, emi naa kuku lo school naa (I went to school too). I traced the source and cut off the supply. So we have some peace till we can get oga plumber to come and fix the problem.


You see that picture right there, I got it from a fancy New York plumber's site - yes site as in website!! You should see it. Book appointment, pay per hour, yada yada. Maybe that's where we're headed at this rate. Gbese!

I bet I did mention earlier that I finally terminated Mr. lesson teacher's appointment right? Well handling homework with the boys is getting easier by the day. I no longer want to pull my hair out or cry, at least not everyday. On top of that, guess what! It was open day yesterday and Mofolusade the lesson teacher is doing a good job. Ibukun's classwork has improved. It hasn't been easy o, I have grown a few more grey hairs since I started handling them myself, but we are slowly attaining independence. Ibukun can do some of his work unattended now. No more spoon feeding. Let me whisper here - "the other day, I was so tired I asked my hubby to do homework with them, by the time I came up, he was about to faint, like whaaat! I can't do this oo. abeg" Ole tisha. Lol!!

My accounting is an absolute mess again. My Xero assigned accountant has been hounding me for a meeting to resolve some of the pending issues, but how man go do naa. I can't come and quench abeg. For now I just don't care! There I said it! I don't care! I have dusted my jotter, at least I write expenses and income in it. That'll do for now.

Since the moments with mo interview aired, things have picked up quite a bit. Absolutely awesome. It's more work, but I'll survive.

Okay, I have nothing else to say. It would be a bad thing if my head falls on this computer. It's the last one standing and there's no money yet for another. Besides, I have some exciting deliveries to do tomorrow.

Nanyt guys!

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