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Friday, October 18, 2013

My Moments with Mo gig....Famzing pays!! #inthelineofduty

I have been biting my fingers more or less to keep from sharing this story prematurely. I couldn't hold it in anymore and I shared a few pictures on instagram. Since then, I have been getting loads of, when is it airing, when is it airing? Folarin and Lolade (hehe, this is me paying back!) even teased the hell out of me at their house over the holidays. Finally, I got a confirmation that It'll be airing next Wednesday, 23rd of October. Whew! I can't wait. I am as excited as my son is when he gets a hold of my Ipad, lol.

What am I on about? hehe. I am going to be talking about my business on Ebony life's Moment's with Mo! *Grinning from ear to ear and doing the azonto*. Yep! Me, Mofolusade Sonaike sitting on that their fancy set with Bolanle and Dolapo. Unfortunately, aunty Mo herself wasn't at my recording. 

#inthelineofduty today would be about how I got me that gig!! 

Moment's with Mo.....

I stayed up to watch the ebony life TV launch a few months back, I am sure I even mentioned something about it on here. After surveying the programs, I settled for moments with mo and the spot as my favorites. I know I used to be a critique of Aunty Mo's facial expressions amongst other things, but the re-launch of the program with her new co-hosts helped me get over all of that. We all have our different mannerisms abeg. Besides, her recent achievement have made her a role model to many women, including me. It is not by chewing bubblegum that you achieve that much in this environment. No sir! Haters can hate all they want! They didn't lie when they said, the greatest revenge is success.

Episode after episode of the moments with Mo show, I would day dream about getting on that set. Besides day dreaming, I was getting inspired and educated. Forget all the criticism they get about their accents and being plastic; that show has added value to me! From the episode about the Igwe twins, to the flying doctor, or the lady who beat Cancer, I always leave with something.

How the seed was sown.....

Remember the Sara Blakely story I shared a while back? Just in case you don't, here it is Don't be ashamed to "famz". After sharing the post, I thought, why don't I take my own advice? After all, at the end of each episode, they never fail to say "if you have a story to share, please mail us at......". I had never really paid attention to the details, but that day I Google searched their website and got all the mail addresses I could gather. Then I composed the mail below and sent it to all the email addresses listed;

"My Story

I made the transition from paid employment to
full time entrepreneurship. I have a background in chemical engineering with and MBA from LBS of the Pan Atlantic University, so many around me found it unbelievable that I would leave the corporate world for the unknown.

I currently run a Gift Consulting company called Trezorlandia. It's been a journey not without it's challenges and I have been sharing this story via a blog tagged An entrepreneur's journey.

I like to be referred to as a mumpreneur, being a mother with two boys. Maintaining the balance between keeping a home and building a business successfully is something I battle with daily. I am determined to overcome!

I would be more than honored to share my story on your show. I believe entrepreneurship is the future for Nigeria.

I just included my contact details and all and forgot about it. By the time almost a month  had passed, I concluded that perhaps my mail needed re-working or maybe they were laden with myriads of such mails and mine was lost in them. 

The Invitation.......

The day I got the mail that read;

"Invitation to Moments with Mo

Dear Mofolusade,

Trust your day has been great.

My name is Yvonne, the Producer of Moments with Mo, and it is with great excitement that I invite you to share your story on our show.


I was so overwhelmed, I burst into tears (yea, I can be emotional like that, hehe) and this was just the beginning. I didn't know they would come to my house with their camera crew to do a showcase or that I would be flown to Calabar and lodged in the hotel at Tinapa, or that I would be transformed by the oh so talented @ritasbeauty!!! *hyperventilating**

When I called Yvonne to confirm the dates, she mentioned that they would have to come to my work space to do a recording. My jaw dropped! Two reasons; 1. my work-space is my house 2. my house is like in Ogun state! Chai. I immediately went oh, I work out of my house or the @CChub or my car most of the time. Yvonne said, so we come to your house then, send me the address. I thought to myself, oh no, who would want to come all the way to isheri, I even considered staging my sister's yaba study as my office, but then I was like what the heck. To thyself be true. So I called her up and told her, my place is far o, it's in isheri, sort'a like Ogun state and she said, it has an address abi? Send it. 

The Moments With Mo Crew in my work-space.....

Let me expose myself on here, my assistant and long time staff, Happiness were so excited, they cleaned and mopped, and cleaned the room we use as our office and store all night and all morning. Lol!! I mean, we couldn't go and disgrace ourselves on TV ke! I bet you'd do the same too. When the team arrived, we were all jumping up and down like babies. Ibukun still talks about the cameras and all the activity from that day. Just a few days ago, he said mummy remember that day that we were "pretending". Imagine, Lol. I said no Ibukun, it's acting, not pretending. 

Gen Gen!!

Tinapa, Calabar......

It was my first time in Calabar and I enjoyed every minute of it until Arik delayed a 12 noon flight till about 6pm. How do you call that a delay kwa! That was a complete reschedule. I didn't care though, I was still floating from my experience. 

I mean, who wouldn't? See what Rita did to my face!

I could not recognize myself!! Sheck out my Trezy shat too. I did it specially for the show. Yes o, #notime. 
yessir!! On that set finally

I had another balloon mishap on this journey, but then even I knew it was a long shot! My sister attempted to get on the plane with the balloons pulling a straight face (there were just four of them naa), but it didn't work out. So we were made to put them in a "Ghana must go" bag and check them in. This was the only option I could muster as the plans to get someone with helium gas in Calabar proved abortive. 

I packed gifts for the Moments with Mo team. I really wouldn't be the gift lady, if I didn't, would I?

Tune in to Ebony life TV, Channel 165 on DSTV on Wednesday, the 23rd of October at 8:30pm to catch me talking about my passion and journey. It would be a great honor to have your support.

I would let you know if there are any changes, but I'll beg Yemi and Yvonne to stick with this date, because the anticipation is close to driving me nuts.

Folarin and Lolade, you better watch too!! Told you my God would vindicate me, hehehe.

Before the face lift! Notice the distressed balloons in the back