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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Revamp Definition - Chinenye Obi-Okoye #inthespiritofenterprise

Hello again. I took time off to relish my new celebrity status, hehe. Enough already yeah? Okay. Still I must state how I appreciate you for taking time out to watch. Especially since there was a match going on. Muchos Gracias my people! Now I gatz to focus on how to translate all those views to money!!

I am giving a shout out on here to Ezim Osai @ezimosai (follow him, it'll be worth your while), he has encouraged me to start a movement. We had this discussion about the mismatch between careers and passion, many who are born to teach are in school studying medicine, those born to be care givers are there studying Business Administration. Not that these cases are lost causes, but we believe Nigeria would be a much better place if people's course of study and activities were aligned with their passion.

Ezim has set the ball rolling in Delta, taking on about 10 schools where he held some sessions. I am still here dragging my feet and thinking about what schools to approach and who to invite to my team. Scatter brain girl that I am. Anyways, I could use some help with this. If you are passionate about making a difference, contact me, let's do this. Please note though, it is not a money making sumtin o, so if you are looking for money, maybe we can partner on other stuff, not this.

Ezim, doing his thing! By the way, he's still a student in UI o! Imagine. 

In other news, my girls, Kike and Rukky are having another  fashion and lifestyle fair, tagged year-end bargain fever! It's this Sunday, November 3rd. I have put the flyer below so you can view and save the date.

Things are looking up. I am getting mails and meeting interesting people everyday now. Yaaay!!

I have a mini dilemma today though. I am going to have to do two posts for the first time. I just met two interesting people, one male and the other female. They both create the most amazing things with ankara fabrics mainly.

Their paths and stories differ, but they are both passionate about what they do. I'll introduce the lady first, hehe (power to the women). So #inthespiritofenterprise let me present to you, Chinenye. She is super funny and she opened up with no forming. I laughed through the interview.

Let me get on with it.


Tell us about yourself

♏y name is Chinenye Obi-Okoye. I'm graduate of Economics from the University of Nsukka Nigeria. I worked with Fin bank (now known as FCMB) for 4 years before I was kicked out last year. It pained me sha, hehe! Following the acquisition of Fin bank by FCMB, staff were asked to resign and I was among the 1st batch
Money matters! hehe

While working, I didn't have any plans B nor C. So it was a rude shock to be out just like that. I never saw myself doing business, didn't have the energy for all that. (That's what she thought, look at her now! lol)

So I quickly started applying for jobs. When it wasn't forthcoming, I had to arrange ♏y life :)

Tell us about the business
At Revamp Definition, we take our time and lovingly create products using Ankara and other fabric to thrill our customers. The colors are refreshing and you would definitely want to own some of them. We operate an online store and deliver anywhere.
We also run a one-day intensive training session, where we introduce interested people to the rudiments of jewelry and accessories making with ankara.

How did you get into this line of business?
I had always loved fashion (just like most girls, *smiles*). I say that I "stumbled" into what I'm doing now, but better put, God led me into it (I'm now going spiritual on you, lol)

I was walking into the market wen ♏y footwear cut and I asked around for a cobbler. I was directed to one. I shuffled to the man to mend my slippers and saw he was wrapping old shoes using Ankara fabrics. I literally did a "WOW. This was say June last year.

I mended ♏y shoes, watched him wrap some shoes, asked the man questions and told him I would return.

I quickly got home and gisted ♏y sister about it. I think it was two days later that I went back with ♏y old work shoe, ♏y sisters flats and some fabric. That was basically how the business started.

It started with wrapping old shoes. I later enrolled somewhere else and learnt to make the Ankara jewelries and accessories.

The journey so far
The journey has been interesting, very challenging and fun all at the same time! Sometimes though, I just want to quit, but I tell myself that successful businesses didn't make it instantly.

I read a lot and other success stories have encouraged me. ♏y friends and siblings also have been amazing.

It's so challenging to get people to believe in your brand especially when it's "made in naija" but we're slowly getting there. It's gradually getting beta. People are getting more comfortable and confident in us.

Don't let all of this talk be in vain, let's support our own, in the spirit of enterprise!

Call, like, follow, visit and most importantly, BUY!!!!!


Remember, if you would like to be featured in this segment, just mail me at Cheers guys!