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Monday, September 30, 2013

Nelson Grillz - Nelson Ogun #Inthespiritofenterprise - HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY

It's Tuesday already. The first Tuesday in October too!! Plus it's our 53rd independence anniversary in Nigeria. Happy anniversary? Yes, Non? We can choose to rant and rave about the state of the nation, but truth of the matter is, ranting and raving won't change anything. We have to choose to do something, no matter how little. Only we can be the change we seek. So while we are at it..... HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY NIGERIANS!

That said, I am moving on swiftly.....

Time is ticking away. I have had such a busy week; so bad that I couldn't do my Thursday nor Friday posts. You've got to forgive me people! Blogging is not a piece of cake. Anyway I am here now, so let's make up and be friends again, shall we? Thank you.

My first son is a very picky eater, most times I have to threaten him or give him and incentive to eat his food. So whenever he finds something he likes and doesn't complain about, it's somewhat an event. On our way back from a play date a few Saturdays back, we drove by Otedola Estate in Ojodu and I saw that Nelson (you'll get to know him in a bit) had started a barbeque grill right there, I was impressed and decided to try out some. Lo and behold, uncle Ibukun finished almost a whole one and was going, "oh mummy, this is awesome"! Na lie! Needless to say, every time we find ourselves in the neighborhood, barbeque turkey must happen, except on those days when he knows he shouldn't just try me. You know naa...

I found this move to start a barbeque grill impressive because unlike many of his peers, Nelson has decided not to wait for this "government" that many of us expect way too much from, or "the Nigerian god" that is sort of a magician (pray and do nothing and all things fall into place, bam!).

This is why I asked if he would like to be featured in my #inthespiritofenterprise series and I was glad that he said yes!


Tell us about yourself

My name is Nelson Ogun, I am from the Owan-West Local government area of Edo State. I was born into a family of five on the 3rd of February. I studied Political science and Public administration at the University of Benin, Benin City.

Tell us about your business

The brand name of the business is Nelson Grillz. We sell Barbeque chicken/turkey and chips as well and have plans to include fish soon. 

The business is still very young as it only became fully operational on July 20th 2013. 

What Inspired you to do this?

The first time the idea came to my mind was summer of 2008 during the ASUU strike (Hint Hint to all the current ASUU victims, hehe) that lasted for about 4 months. I was tired of staying at home doing the same routine everyday so I thought up a way I could make money while the strike lasted. At that time I had no Capital and little or no idea about the business (like production of the grilled chicken, managing the business etc). Back then though, I got a little discouragement from friends and family because they thought it wouldn't be a lucrative one considering the location I chose inside my estate(a small suburb). For a couple of years the idea was locked up in my head, but I was doing some grilling for family cookouts and hangouts, which is where I got my main experience from.

During my NYSC year I decided to save up some reasonable amount of money, which is what I used as capital to fund the business and eventually Nelson Grillz was born.

What has the experience been so far?

Well there have been the very good days and those days you feel or ask yourself  "am I making the right decision?". Truth is I love what I am doing and I'm very passionate about it so I don't see my self giving up or backing down. Someone once told me "the most successful people in the world are very stubborn" these are the words I live by.

The reception from Family and Friends since Nelson Grillz commenced has been HUGE! In fact the first few weeks into it, they were my main customers, all thanks to them though for their support.

Now that the business is approximately 2 months old, residents of the estate patronize me a lot and give me their support as well. I shared fliers one time and that has also helped in bringing customers from other places while some people come based on recommendation.

What are the major challenges you face?

The biggest challenge thus far has been buying my stock (the chicken/turkey) because its very scarce. Also electricity to store is a problem. This sometimes cripples me because I can't buy my stock in large quantities as I'd love to.

To place your orders for parties and merriment (hehe)

Call - 08162042676, 07089944367
Mail -
BB Pin - 2754bf5d

If you would like to be featured on our Tuesday segment, please mail

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