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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Birthday Praise! @Florocka, #Inthespiritofenterprise

The D-day is finally here. I am officially in my mid-thirties. Jez like that meeen. Before I know it, I'll be having my 40th birthday Old school gig! It was just yesterday that I was wearing NYSC uniform, scaling iyana ipaja fence to escape camp  so I could make my night shift at Tara systems hehe *covers face*.

It's been a roller coaster, but I wouldn't trade my journey for any other. I am more than grateful for everything, the opportunities, the good times and the not so good times, God is truly awesome. @Florocka 's "Twale" describes my mode for the day!!! Happy birthday to me.

I so totally love this song. I have listened to it so many times, I should be barred from listening by now! The acoustics on it make too much sense!!

Click this Link for the song if you can't view the embedded youtube link

Find the lyrics to the song Here

Introducing #inthespiritofenterprise.......

Now to the #inthelineofduty post for the day. I am introducing a Tuesday segment to this blog. It will be tagged #inthespiritofenterprise, now that's pretty long I know, plus I stole (borrowed rather) the phrase "spirit of enterprise" from Gbubemi (you know him, I bet you do, because he knows everybody! Seriously), hehe. I might change the name if I get a better recommendation (need some help here), but for now, it stays.

The idea is to do a showcase or spotlight on an entrepreneur every Tuesday; to celebrate those who like me, have dared to venture into this area in Nigeria! Double twale. It's also a way to put word out, you know, the "we're here, we're here" kind'a thing. Yes, we all need that, even coke still shouts "we're here, we're here". If you would like to be featured, please mail me at Entrepreneurs Rock!!

Trezorlandia's "Diva Day"

Meanwhile, I have always thought this a great gift to give someone who likes to play dress up and take pictures. I named it "Diva day". Here's the idea; engage a make up artist, a photographer and an image stylist and let some lucky person enjoy a day of fun with pictures to show for it, she even gets to select make up products and the outfit she loves the most at the end. What's not to love. @Trezorlandia can make this happen for you by the way #justsaying.

The pictures below are the result of my own attempt at this "Diva Day". Attempt, because for me, it was quite a bit of work! Kai. No wonder models get paid so much.

I appreciate the busy entrepreneurs who took out time to help me make this happen, may God bless your hustle;

Check out my natural hair afro and my wacko jacko type jacket!! 

Credits Roll

Make up/Gele by Giani Bridals
- 08033082711
- 24E6F0BF

Photography by @exquisitephotoz
- 08023728479
- 2B0E97FC

Wardrobe by Pretty Fit
- No. 28 Bajulaiye rd, Shomolu; No 58, Old Yaba Road, off Herbert Macaulay
- 08033776569

Jewelry by @Oyegold (Brazillian Gold jeweler)
- 28A0464B
- 08058733587, 08178190801

These are some of our own very people! Young vibrant people, working to make an honest living. Call, follow, add and visit them where applicable. Let's help each other grow. God bless you.

As always, Mofolusade Loves ya!

P.S - I'll share my cake tomorrow (yes, they have found the technology for that!) Lol!! So stay tuned.