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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Adventures of a Bargain-Hunter #guestpost #Ojaara

Look who's posting for the second time in one day! Yep. Hehe. This is made possible by a #guestpost.

Been a while since we had a guest post, but I couldn't pass this up. I know quite a few bargain hunters, plus Oja ara is a good place to go fishing. Which one are you? A shopaholic or bargain hunter.


Adventures of a bargain-hunter.......

By nature, I am an outgoing, very adventurous being; excited to discover new things for myself; I’m a foodie by habit and I love shopping sprees.

Shopaholic No, Bargain-Hunter Yes.

My friends have tried convincing me to think I am a shopaholic but I know they don’t get it. I’m not, I just like good bargains. Let me put this simply - there’s a HUGE difference between a shopaholic and a bargain-hunter. A shopaholic enjoys shopping no matter the circumstances. When strapped for cash, a shopaholic window shops to revel in the thought of sporting new outfits and accessories - shopaholics rarely go to bookstores. But your home-girl is different. I love to get what I want at a bargain. Quality at the best price possible. I’m so good at this, I have a hypothetical badge I carry around.

As a certified bargain hunter, in one of my relentless search for fair deals, I stumbled upon (and fell in love with) Oja Ara. This is the place you go to feed your eyes and perhaps make a wardrobe change decision. Fast. Quality at its peak. Friendly vendors. Interesting co-shoppers. Fabulous prices. To say the least, the experience is more profound than my recount of it. My last experience was mind-blowing and I’m more than happy to know there’s another edition coming soon.

l’ll be heading off to Oja Ara this October 5th and 6th. This edition’s package seems more promising than the last; raffle draws, fun, and everything else. Hopefully, I’ll also win some Oja Ara vouchers in whatever Oja Ara raffle, (the last time, all I had to do was use the Oja Ara flier as my bb display picture and I won cool cash vouchers. Mehn, the easiest thing to do to win money!), which will enable me shop for less and buy more.

Don’t believe me? Go see things for yourself! I look forward to meeting you there!