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Sunday, February 2, 2014

How to stay Motivated.......

Sometimes you read stuff from others and you simply have to share. This short piece is from one of my teens at church. I like the points he highlights as well as the way he presents them. We all do need motivation every now and again, so this is worth the read.

Motivation is elusive
Yea, there are many times when you just don't care enough to try....  Found this picture on and borrowed it because it just captures the struggle to stay motivated

Here are some of the most popular techniques.

1. Take a Break

Taking a break is an obvious fix, but effective. It clears your mind and can even increase your creativity: exposing yourself to new ideas can help you be more creative in your own field. Some people claim to have their best ideas in the shower, or when they’re not actively thinking about

2. Think about Your Customers

One big difference between online businesses and brick-and-mortar stores is the customer interaction, and it affects motivation. While small business owners might see smiles and happy faces all day, other entrepreneurs are (more often than not) staring at their computer screens.

3. Think about Your Team

If you forget why you’re doing this, your cofounders and employees might help remind you. Like your customers, they’re also benefiting from your work: they get exciting jobs and the chance to create something new.

4. Get Social

Talking to other entrepreneurs can be reassuring when you’re feeling down (This worked for me on Friday). In particular, it helps you realize that the ups and downs of start-up life are perfectly normal.

5. Get organized

If motivation is the drive to accomplish something, obviously we can’t feel motivated to do things we think are impossible. So when work starts to feel impossible, you can lose your motivation. To get it back, get organized and convince yourself that you can do it .

6. Do something new

A lack of motivation can also come from a feeling of boredom, and shaking up your routine may be just the ticket.

7. Take responsibility

Many people are drawn to entrepreneurship because of the independence. When motivation wanes, remembering that everything is on your shoulders – your actions will determine the success or failure of your startup – can be a motivator. Deadlines and penalties can motivate, even though they are negative incentives.

8. Learn to get focused.

9. Rediscover your inspiration

This is really the root. Remember why you were ever motivated in the first place: why you’re doing what you’re doing. Suck it up, If all else fails, a few entrepreneurs said, just suck it up. That
basically means: tell yourself that being unmotivated isn't an option. You chose this career, you chose this startup, and you are only one who can keep it going.

.....By Seun Jegede.