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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Memoirs of a lagos city hustler - LCH 12

At the nick of time, just before impact, I jumped off the bike and risked a bruised limb than to be severed underneath a benz 190; I was delivering an order to a lady in Yaba and in an attempt to meet up with her before she goes to pick up her kids, I showed up 45minutes late covered in some purple paint(that thingy they apply to bruises) and she was yelling and pointing out my unprofessionalism. I tried explaining myself but she kept shutting me up.

I closed my eyes for a few seconds and pictured my self spitting right into her mouth, kicking her to the floor and yelling to remind her I'm more educated than her husband, just then; I opened my eyes, faked a smile and politely apologized. She threw the money at me and as I bent down to pick the money, a tear drop rolled down my cheek.

I sat quietly in the bus on my way home and had a talk with God and did a revised starndard of my life. I've heard of entrepreneurs and small business owners having a dose of these treatment and all in an attempt to prove a 1800s quote right(the customer is always right kinda bullsh*t), we all go through a hard time satisfying our clients and customers, saving and reinvesting our profits, getting taunted by our working class colleagues and yet we strive to put up a smile and enjoy what we do.

The Government doesn't create an ample and encouraging platform for small businesses even though they contribute the most to the GDP(let's get serious here, the ogas at the top don't even know sh*t about these terms). We are left to fend for ourselves, seek unforeseeable loans, have investors that want half your business haunt you, have family meetings because of our career choice etc.

As much as I wanna do a katy perry's roar to everyone that dents my pride as an entrepreneur, all I get to do is dust off the insults and smile sheepishly like an idiot they think I am and get some of their many monies into my account.

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