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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Hposh Diaries...... No more free Jobs! We have bills to pay

I didn't get the email but my mentor told me:

"I'm sorry! You were not shortlisted to receive the 50k."

She tried consoling me.

Thank God it was a BBM chat. That made it easy for her not to see how my face expressed what I felt within me.

During the six months impasse between the Federal Government and ASUU, I had enrolled for the Global Entrepreneur's Week 50K challenge.

After submitting my essay, I made it to the pitch presentation.

It was at the pitch presentation that I had been hinted that my business plan doesn't reflect how money would be made immediately.

I understood better when I read the email.

Mine was a long term profit making business, they were looking for a short term investment.

Since I got into business, I've been disappointed mostly by those whom I had wholly trusted.

Rather than quit, I remain dogged and returned to my drawing table, only to come out bigger, better and stronger.

As at the time I made my pitch presentation, the website I represent had 15,000 daily views.

My number one goal this year is to make the site have at least 200,000 daily views before December 31, 2014.

The second goal was to make a profit of at least #100,000 per month. This implies, we must make over that amount monthly.

I had so much faith that I would get the 50k and use it to support my brand for expansion but after I failed I had to restrategize.

January was a boring month but I looked forward to February.

It's February 6, our daily views is now an average of 30,000. We've been able to get jobs half of the target we set for ourselves this month.

Apart from the supernatural force - God who I know has so much to do with this success, my team and I have been inventing and reinventing ourselves. We've been creating ideas and have started looking at the business side.

I told them, "No more free jobs. We have bills to pay. We have projects to launch. We have staff to pay. We have jobs to create. We have corporate social responsibility to fulfil etcetera etcetera.

Still wandering what my bottom line is? There is no limit to what you can achieve except the one you set for yourself.

The solution to that problem is within you. Uproot it!

See ya l8r....


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