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Saturday, February 22, 2014

[PRESS RELEASE] Explosive Comic Series Hits Nigerian Streets, Launches First Issue- 8th March 2014

I have to do this press release, Juwon is my cousin and I am proud of his determination and drive!! Let's support the work of one of our very own!

Juwon Betiku
The Nigerian comic scene has been neglected for far too long. Kids have been left bored and sad without action stories to light up their days, stir their imaginations and with nothing fun to anticipate. With this knowledge and zeal to make people happy ,”not just kids” Grimz comics have decided to drop something for everyone.

Crack, a Nigerian comic from Grimz Comics will hit the market on Saturday, 8th march 2014 at the Whao Funland – Omole Phase 1, Lagos. Spoilers and sneak peeks for the series will also be dropped at intervals on the website.

Crack is an exciting fictional story about a man “Zack Williams” who makes a deal with the king of the underworld “HADES” in a desperate attempt to save his sick wife “Katherine” who is suffering from leukemia (cancer of the blood). Unknown to him, by doing so he completes the final rights to a ritual done several years ago in which his wife was betrothed to HADES.

After years of being tormented, Zack comes across some inscriptions on the walls of his home and finally finds out the truth about the ritual, his wife, 3 year old daughter (jane) and Hades. Filled with rage, he vows to get his family back. With the help of his best friend (a cop named Ben) and a double sided demon “Zidon” the rebel from the underworld, Zack journeys to the underworld with the most daunting of tasks, defeating HADES.

Sit back, relax and read as Zack takes down 18 circles of the underworld, battle through mysteries, deception, pain and love in a quest to defeat HADES.
Is Zack crazy…
Can he get his family back…
Can HADES be defeated by a man…
Can he trust the double sided demon…
Will he succeed, will he achieve his aim or die along the way??

Only one way to find out. Follow the series, grab a copy today.
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