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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Memoirs of a Lagos City Hustler (LCH) - What do ladies want?

Feels good to be back in my hustling mode, was in idumota on friday and couldn't help but notice too many "reds" everywhere, it didn't click at first till I saw a banner saying "faletine promo", I just had to take the picture and post to twitter. I'm sure guys would have started scheming excuses for their many side chics and girls would start devising plans to rake in cash. I have been thinking about what to get my girlfriend(anything but a ring would do, I'm sure) and like Mel Gibson, I start to ask myself, what do ladies really want?

I'm sure many guys think they know what the ladies want(Ladies,you're all gonna thank me for this), you think its about giving them gifts, cash or the Bedmatics, well, we all got that wrong. I'd give you all an insight what an average Nigerian girl wants (when I say Nigerian, I choose to exclude the greedy ones..)with that being said, Let's begin!!!

1. A Man in Bed (oh yes, I had to start with this)

Its not just about the size or the speed(both of which can work against you), its about matching her pace, following her rhythm, knowing what she wants, how and when she does. Its about putting her first. 

2. A Financially stable man

Ladies don't want that lavish person who pops champie every friday because he can, they don't want a man that runs to his mum when he's broke either! They want that guy that can tastefully furnish a rented 3-bedroom apartment yet with plans to move to his own home

3. A Man with a plan

Even when everything aint stable or looking good, a well known attraction is a man that's certain to succeed because of his plans(I know this too well). You'd know one when you see him; he has a budget for cash yet received, has a masters for a job yet found, a skill for an industry yet grown!

4. A listening man

Fellas, I know we all hate a nagging 'female'. Its nature for girls to wanna talk, share their day, gossip about friends (not all of us do this joo!), talk bad about people (hian, it is a lie!), comment on their favourite soap, diss a bald neighbour...but one that listens always get their heart (even if we have to pretend, just pick a word out of the sentence to remember, in case she asks if you are following)

5. A God fearing Man

They don't want that 'pastory' or 'imamish' guy waking them up during their period to pray or quoting verses during sex; they just need a guy that believes in the existence of a God, can pray through difficult times and has morals

There are a lot more girls want, infact they are insatiable(at this point,I must draw a line between want and need) we can only try....ok with all of the above being said, every lady wants gifts at vals, so holla at the trezorlandia CEO herself for some great gift ideas this season, I'm sure she has something for you(and yes Aunty mofolusade, keep ma gifts ooo).

Till I write you next time, God bless our hustle!