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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Hposh Diaries...... What you have to do, do now!


Don't get stuck in a rut, break free.........

How many times did I call you?

Stop giving excuses for failure.

Procastination is the hallmark of failure.

You should have written this article some days before now.

But you kept pushing it forward.

Can you count the number of outstading books you are yet to read.

6 months ago, you purchased over ten books.

In your 'serious mind' you would read them all before school resumes..


You are just in chapter 3 of El Rufai's 'The Accidential Public Servant'.

You stopped reading 'The Purpose Driven Life'.

The list is endless.

You promised yourself to write every single day of the year...

You should bury your head in shame now.

Remember you had the idea of Miss OAU and Most Beautiful Girl in OAU in 2008 before you even gained admission into OAU Pre-degree in 2009.

SMH for you Mr. Man.

How did you feel when somebody successfully staged the Miss OAU beauty pageant last year?

I guess you were fulfilled when someone else told you he is planning the Most Beautiful Girl in OAU show this year.

With the posters out and auditions date fixed for February 8th, it is certain the event will hold.

Have you published that book you had in mind?

Have you made that trip you were planning?

Have you written those business proposals you wanted to send to companies.

Have you asked that girl out?

How long will you wait till tomorrow to do what you can do now? *Emphasis here now*!!

Time waits for no man.

The best time is now.

Use it wisely.

#Gbam P.S Have you submitted your youwin application? 31st is here o!!!!

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