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Thursday, January 16, 2014

10 Powerful Quotes from Cobhams Asuquo's 'The Gift of Blindness' Speech at TEDxEuston

Just as I read +femi olukanni 's comment on my last post saying, Ma'am you've got to check out +Cobhams Asuquo 's Tedex speech, I open my mail and see that it is the subject of Hposh's post for the week.

That guy Cobhams is something, and yea, y'all should check out the video

Or click here - Thanks +femi olukanni for sending me the link.

So, Back to the matter

Hposh Diaries........

10 Powerful Quotes from Cobhams Asuquo's 'The Gift of Blindness' Speech at TEDxEuston

Since Cobham's Asuquo released his first single of 2014 'Ordinary People' some days back, my admiration for him has greatly increased.

Not only does he inspire and motivate me through the song, he empowers me with the right words to pursue my dreams

I was going through some TEDx videos on YouTube when I came across his speech at one of their events in Euston, titled 'The Gift of Blindness'; here are my ten powerful quotes from the speech.

They will inspire you!

1) Do not excuse failure on any reason for any account

2) Not all public opinion is correct opinion

3) Trust - even when you have no reason to.

4) Trust has no expiration date.

5) Blindness has taught me to keep trusting, to keep hoping to keep believing.

6) Sight sometimes is a distraction - (focus on your dreams)

7) Sight is a precious gift (imagination enhances creativity)

8) On your way to your destination what you see can also be a big distraction from your goal (Shed off activities, people and places that will not move you closer to your vision, mission and purpose)

9) You have to be blind in order to be focused (The power of meditation)

10) Focus is blindness in a sense (When you focus on one thing till you achieve success in it, you care less about other things that don't matter)

Have a great week!