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Monday, January 6, 2014

Hposh Diaries...... Welcome to 2014

Happy new year fam!

I am super excited to be seeing another year. As far as resolutions and plans go..... guess what? I haven't done none of that! I have been stuck in last year. The last few weeks of the year up till last week were craaazy! Good crazy though, but still. One thing I learnt, if a printer says to you, the sky is blue, please go and confirm, even though we all know it is! Chai. They have nearly turned me into a mad woman. This is story for #inthelineofduty.

Meanwhile, Nanny Mcphee showed up today oo!! Halleluyaaaa. I had already activated a search for a replacement. The challenge with that though, is the learning process for the replacement, me and the kids! Who wants to keep going through that every year? Ain't nobody gat time for that! So when mama showed up today, I almost hugged her even though I had to do small shakara. Inside me I did like ten backflips!!!! Whoop Whoop!

Let the new year begin! Cheers to 2014.

This is a post from last week. Hposh's new year message.


Hposh Diaries.......

Love and respect him without condition. Hehe
Less than 24 hours ago (I know this is not true anymore,*covers face*), we bade farewell to 2013 and ushered in a new year 2014. Let me join others in wishing you a happy and prosperous new year.

Back to work...

I know most of us have new year resolutions. The sad or interesting part of it for me is that I have no new year resolutions. No raised eyebrows please. I just want to leave each day at a time and solve one challenge then move on to the next.

As the new year starts to run, I'll share some useful tips with you. I hope you find them helpful:

1) Place value on your time

Be accountable for every second, minute, hour and day of your life this year. Ensure, you focus your energy productively on things that'll take you a step closer to the realisation of your dreams.

2) Place value on yourself

Nothing kills a man more than inferiority complex. God has fashioned all of us in a unique way that we have something exceptional to contribute to the growth and development of the world. Ever asked yourself why only you have your kind of fingerprints? You have a purpose to fulfil, don't brood over past failures, challenges or strained relationships.

3) Talking about relationships - don't be a hermit. Network! 

Meet people. Care for people. Lend a hand. Support a charitable cause. Spend quality time with family and friends. Share your dreams with people of like minds. You'll be shocked how much contribution they can make to your life. Don't use people. Bear no grudges against any man. Humans, in their mortality will disappoint and hurt you, just let it go. It's one of those things.

4) Be money wise

You just don't have to buy everything you see or want. Set your priorities right. Invest your money wisely and manage it well.

5) Give - Give! Give! Give!

Give without expecting favour in return. Give to someone who cannot reward you. Make someone smile. Motivate and inspire someone each day.

6) Act now - don't procrastinate

It steals away time. Do what is right at the right time, in the right way and at the right place.

7) Respect God 

That doesn't need too much of talk. Respect God!

Till I come your way next week, I say, have a blissful new year celebration. #peace