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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Hposh Diaries...... The year 2013

Hposh Diaries.....

When I pinged my mentor yesterday to thank her for her support so far, she was embarrassed. I pinged my best female friend to thank her too, she was shocked. There was one person I did the same to who asked me what I wanted, I told him nothing. He too was amazed. It wasn't a Blackberry broadcast. So this made it kind of creepy.

I also appreciated some of my clients and my team members. It was the least anyone expected. Most of them didn't understand why I did that. It wasn't like I wanted something from them. But once in a while I do some soul search. I've been keeping it for too long but I just felt I should let it out. I love you all. You mean a lot to me. This year has been my best year ever. I don't know how I got here.

2013 started on a very rough note. I resumed school with little or no pocket money. It was so hard keeping my dreams alive. I had bills to pay, materials to buy, a team to lead, a vision to accomplish. 'How would this ever work out?'. I thought. We launched my online magazine in June 2012 and it's been challenging and interesting ever since.

Apart from my parents my friends became my caretakers. They provided accommodation for me, since I spent all my money on starting a brand. They gave me food to eat because I didn't have much to spend on that. They defended me, believed in me and till today still stand by me.

For over 4 months, I was without a smart phone. I couldn't work. My sponsor of life came to my rescue. He has invested so much in me. He's been my pillar of support no matter how challenging finances are for him when I make my requests.

My comedian uncle, his friends and family have always been behind me. My parents and my family too played their role efficiently and effectively.

The turning point came in June 2013 when I met her. She subscribed to our monthly PR plan which we handled to the best of our capabilities. You need to know what #5,000 meant to me. It covered something reasonable.

At last, I heaved a sigh of relief that I was a businessman adding value. For someone to pay us for a service, I felt so good. After the first semester exams, I wasn't planning to go home for our supposedly 2-weeks break.

Things got a new twist when she asked me to work with her. I was to stay with her for the 2 weeks but ASUU in all their majesty turned it to over 5 months. The last few months have been my best ever.

Having someone believe so much in you and not dictating what you should do for you. While I used her internet, car and other resources for free she still paid us for doing PR for her. She referred us to the best clients ever, introduced me into the business world, the challenges, the tactics and the networking.

You are awesome boss.

Did I mention her family? God bless them for me.

I've met so many people this year and they made this year count.

To all of you I say a big thank you.

When I finally get to my promise land, I'll write my autobiography and mention your names including the influences you've had on me.

Oh! How can I forget to mention my godmother of life. She's a newscaster at a popular TV station. I harass her everytime I'm broke. I am always...because I spend money on so many investments. I pray they yield rewarding dividends soon.

Then my guys are great.
To those who still think I'm joking. I still hold my dream of being the richest man in the world.

...Emotions, feelings, love, relationships. I've had a lot of them.

Shout out to anyone I've ever dated. I'm sorry I let you go. Despite not giving you so much attention, you still had faith in me.

To those who broke my've taught me that life is full of shxx...what matters is how we respond to it.

I love you all.

I owe you so much.

If not for anything but for you, I'll make my dreams come true.


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