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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Top 10 android apps for every entrepreneur

Here's my bonus article for failing to post the entrepreneur showcase for the week. Kennedy to the rescue. Hehe.

P.S - This is not a paid for announcement. lol

Enough already of your boring Nokia and blackberry smartphones, its time to move with the world. Androids are as cheap as you want it, so get in line and order one this December and here are some suggested apps you should download and use!

everyone has that moment where they hear a song on the radio or in a mall and can't remember the artist or song title, well shazam got u covered. Just point your phone at the sound and 'shazam' it. It gets better, you can hum the tune or sing the song and it still does its job

#2 BBM
The most popular chat application comes to the android market. Now every one can 'ping'. What's also fun is its multi-platform and cuts across borders

#3 AVG antivirus for droids
It does more than just notify and remove unwanted and intrusive apps, its also a task manager, data counter, battery saver etc

Really, who doesn't have an instagram app and owns an android? We all turned camera geeks n graphic artists with this app.

For small business owners who adopt social media as a business tool, this app from facebook allows you to manage your facebook pages well and effectively, upload up to 100 pictures at once,view page insight and statistics and manage likes

Addictive and innovative game of the year. You can't help but notice people swiping across their phones and tilting their bodies to collect coins when bored. Have a try (at your own risk! lol)

Turn pictures into HD, multiple filters,memes and more creative Photoshop tools to play with

Bloggers would love this app which is easy to use. Blogging has never been easy away from a PC before.

#9 OLX
Those that are fans of start-ups and love to buy/sell anything online, the OLX is just perfect. Searches can be localized to your local government.

This is the best app ever. The Robert De Niro of Apps, it allows you preview and download other apps, in fact all aforementioned apps can be found on the Google play-store

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