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Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Shell disappointment........ Market day

Shell, Shell oh Shell……..

The Shell Recruitment day was fun. I had never experienced a more practical interview system. I bonded with one of the candidates and we are still friends till today, her name is Seun, interesting girl. I saved money on accommodation too, thanks to my friend from way back (chemical engineering family), Emiola. She hosted us. The interview was in stages, a case study, a group discussion, and a one on one interview. I remember one of the questions still, like it was yesterday – “You are sitting in for the managing director of a company, he has left you a hand over note, a crisis with the villagers where you operate, a staff issue (can’t really remember) and something else with a supplier, how would you address the issues, what would be your priority?”. This is not quite word for word, but it was something like that. Then we had a negotiation where we had to do role plays of three communities presenting their community’s project for approval to be the CSR direction for the year. I felt at home, this was like being in class back in LBS. At the end, they refunded our flight fares (using old rates!!) and told us they would get back to us.

I got back to the hotel to find my baby ill. He probably reacted to the water or change of environment, but at the time I was scared to bits! As much as my friend and sister tried to calm me down, I still couldn’t get myself to relax. I stayed up all night, crying and calling every doctor I knew. I couldn’t get any of the prescriptions they recommended (Oral re-hydration therapy mixes, mainly), because it was late already (Port Harcourt shuts down early) and the next day was a public holiday. I almost went mad, he must have passed stool about a fifty times, no kidding! I counted the minutes and the hours to my flight back and headed straight to the doctor from the airport. Babies can make you look like a liar sometimes, because by the time we got to the hospital, this young man that was looking like he was about to cross over to the other side, was now all bubbly and stable, imagine! My sister so made fun of me ehn, after all the stress I put her and Emiola through.

While waiting for my Shell response, I got an offer with Dangote as a business analyst with the new Cement Chief Executive Officer, Tony Hadley. I had barely spent a month there when I got a mail informing me that I was successful! *Screaming*!!!!!!! I was asked to come in for my medicals and I did. I got a call from their HR rep asking me if I wanted supply chain management and I said that was fine. I wanted to go back to the department where I interned but I wasn’t fussed about that. Shell is Shell, wherever. Another HR rep now calls shortly after to say they wanted me at the department where I was before and would like to have an informal chat with me, she said don’t worry, it’s just protocol, to get to know you, you’re in already.

I had to find a way to escape from the office that day. I expressed my concerns about timing, since I was working somewhere already and didn’t want to disappear for too long. I was assured that it wasn’t anything serious. My people, lo and behold, I get there and I am ushered into a room with three men sitting across the table. I can still picture their faces. Two fone speaking Nigerians (fone being pidgin for foreign accents) and a Caucasian, think he was Russian or something. I was distressed already because this wasn’t what I was expecting; besides I had to rush back to the office before it was obvious I had disappeared. Of course the friendly chat didn’t go well. I knew I wouldn’t be recommended for the commercial group but still had hopes of getting in to SCM; at least this was just protocol they said. Awon oniro buruku (Liars, simply put).

There was silence, a long deafening silence. I mailed the rep I had been following up with and she said she had been reassigned. What!! She referred me to someone else who referred me to someone else and that was how the wild goose chase began. I called Nick, German and Beth, everyone I knew there. German had even assumed I had resumed and was settling in. Then they send me a mail saying I was being retained in their pool and would be posted to a department as soon as there was an opening. A year later (Yes o! a whole year), I get an email saying my records in the pool had expired and so I should re-apply.

Ladies and Gentlemen, this was how Shell never was! Till today, my mum still can’t get over it. We were practically already spending Shell money.  At every opportunity she says in ondo “Do baa shey fofi wo ti wi shell beyi, wo bati ra moto wuen”. Let me help you translate before you crack your head, “If only you were in Shell now, you would have bought a new car”. I feel her pain, but sometimes I just need her to stop, it drives me crazy. This is by far one of the worst disappointments in my life, ever! I didn’t cry then, but years later, I was having a bad day and I stumbled on one of the email exchanges we had, I broke down and wept a bucket (I can cry oo, leave that one!)…….. I have moved on, but I must get filthy rich so I can hunt those three men down as well as the HR Rep and spit in their faces!! Call it whatever you like, I don’t care.

Cry me a river

Life Skills Learnt

No matter what life throws at you, you have to pick yourself up and keep moving, don’t you ever stop!

2013…….12 June, 2013

No ccHub again today, I had market runs, I can hear some people say as usual! Hehe. It comes with my job. Of course that is why you are just seeing this post today, because I got home and passed out right after homework. Old age is setting in, I never used to get this tired before and I didn’t even have a car. I think I need to start taking supplements, Yuk! I hate drugs.

Entrepreneur Tips

Of course you can’t be expecting anything here now! Not today (yesterday, technically, but you know now). I can’t kill myself.