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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Interlude……. Shout outs

Appreciation mode......

I am in a good mood tonight and my 2 year old must be too, because tonight he has refused to go to sleep. So we are up typing together. Bad parenting habit, I know, but I have tried all I can, I think he just has too much energy to dispel tonight.

I got a call earlier today that made my day, in fact two calls. You all don’t know how encouraging it is to know that people are actually reading this blog. I am humbled. I may not have plenty of cash in the bank (matter of fact, I don’t! for now though), but I feel like a million bucks!

This is why, before I continue with my journey I need to give a few shout outs. I hope this doesn’t get me in trouble. I know there are more people reading the blog than I am about to list, but I can only know of those who have left comments and who have contacted me to say something. Not that I don’t appreciate every single one of you, but as you read in private, I can only appreciate you in private. J

My shout outs go to;

  • My husband, Seun, for enduring it when I stay up to update this blog late into the night.
  • My sister Tolu, for giving me the boldness to start this as my first editor. She said to me, sister, you are good to go! Post it.
  • Funmi Amoo, my sister too and chief whip, she calls me to harass me whenever I fail to update.
  • My brothers, Kenny Madin and Lekimadin and my sister Taiwo, they all read my blog despite their crazy schedules. What can one do without family!
  • Captain Bob!! My uber amazing dad and to Captain Fola Akinkuotu, two senior citizens who have actually taken time read my blog.
  • Mrs Remi Abere, our IBM mentoring program sponsor. It meant the world to me when I posted the blog in the group and you commented. I know how busy you are.
  • My neighbour, Mrs Magdalene Ugborogho, thanks for your encouragement
  • Those who have left comments, Ayotunde Itayemi, Bamitale Alimi, Ikenna Ikonta, Clement Oke, Akpo Siekpe, Lolade Shakioye, Lucy Akintade, Bode Faleti and Oluwaponmile oloyede. Your comments make me feel I am being heard! Three Gbosas to you.
  • Dr. Tega Edokpolor, my girl from way back when
  • Bimbola Akintoye, my “not so younger” cousin. Lol! Guys, it was she who collected my LBS form for me.Thanks for putting a call through today.
  • Juliet, aya Captain, my former colleague from Dangote. Muchos gracias, your call meant a lot.
  • Jolomi and Temiloluwa Unilag Chemical Engineering family, I see you
  • Madam Shea Butter, Sumbo Adeleke, my friend and co participant on the IBM mentoring program

There’s another set of people I need to thank, those who went ahead to follow the handle, “@asktrezorlandia”. If you know what it takes to build twitter followership, you would know what I mean.

@Looceye, Lucy kanu  The very first follower!
@chiccarpenta my girl Padebi

You are appreciated!!