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Sunday, June 9, 2013

I am Free!.........@LekeAlder and his #JesusMBA

Early 2006, Exit FCMB…..

Sometimes you know what you need to do, but you just can’t bring yourself to do it. It could be because of fear of uncertainty, fear of what people around you would say or think or jut fear in general. This was me by 2005 in FCMB. I would be so miserable on Sunday night and wonder why and then it’ll come to me that it was because there was work on Monday. I was what you would describe as young and restless, I wanted to do so many things, but all I got to do was wake up, go to work, come back home and pass out.

IT under the new leadership was taking shape; I was doing my little bit to stay relevant, trying not to complain about the work pressure and hours. If I ever thought of resigning, I thought about the salary (Gold handcuffs!), the fact that I had somewhere to go everyday (sitting at home can be depressing). The day came though, the last straw that broke the camel’s back……

I was on weekend duty, Saturday and Sunday. I did Saturday with no event, then came Sunday; at the time I had recently been placed on antibiotics because I had typhoid, but in the banks (naija style), you fall ill and you have one day at the most to see your doctor and get your prescription drugs unless you were practically dying. As a result of this unspoken rule, typhoid or not, I came in, looked around, not much going on yet, so I dashed to Mr. Biggs to get something to eat and take my drugs. Alas! I got back to meet an epistle waiting for me in my mailbox. The boss had sent me a really nasty mail and copied my direct report, Mr. Anyanwu. I remember it ending something like “This is your last warning”! Whaat! To say I was livid doesn’t cut it. What kind of life was this! I made up my mind right there and then that I was out. Call it pride, but I am Ondo and yes we don’t take nonsense! I would rather eat sand.

Luckily, a younger cousin had told me about Lagos Business School and I was interested. An MBA expands your mind to say the least. Besides, I was tired and needed a career change, the MBA was the only way I could think of.  So that day, I went to the site, filled the application form and started the process. At this point I had no clue where the money was going to come from and I was surrounded by nay sayers making comments like “What is the guarantee that you would get a good job after the MBA” as if getting a job is the main reason to go for an MBA *rolling eyes*. I also recently got married and was worried that resigning would put my husband under a lot of pressure, but my husband was tired of the crazy schedule on my behalf as well, lucky me.

Anyways, long story short, I got admitted to the Full Time MBA programme to resume 2006! I was elated until I let the nay sayers get to me again. I decided to defer, I was afraid. Thank God for family, having great support compares to nothing. On my way home, we stopped by at my parents, my husband and I, and I just mentioned to my mum that I was deferring, she jumped off her bed and screamed at me (yea, my mum is a drama queen J), what! I rebuke every evil spirit! Sade it will never get easier, do you think it’ll be better next year or the next, what about when children come? Do the MBA now and put it behind you. That was the one best pieces of advice I ever got from her. God bless Mothers!

It felt awesome when I walked into my boss’ office to hand in my letter…….. Good bye FCMB!

Life Skills Learnt

Whatever you have to do, do NOW! There will be no perfect time to do anything. Not that it is impossible; but I can’t imagine having to do an MBA now with my two sons, all that energy!! Naah men.

2013…….09 June, 2013

Its Sunday, I spent my whole day at home. I dressed the boys, got myself ready only to get to the car to find a totally flat tyre. My Dad made us learn to change a tyre before driving any car in his house, but today I couldn’t be bothered to even try after getting all dressed up and not with the boys running riot while I tried to change it. No no. Televangelists will do for today.

Another work week begins tomorrow. Haven’t planned my week yet per say, but tomorrow I should visit the ccHUB conclude my membership rights and access. I followed @LekeAlder on his #JesusMBA this morning, good stuff.  I will borrow some of his points as my tips for today. He had about 40, but these three hit home for me.

Entrepreneur Tips

A leader must be able to take good decisions under pressure. This is a major test of leadership.
What is profitable in the now is not always good for business in the long run.

At the end of the day, the future of the organization, its fortune and culture will be determined by leadership decisions.

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