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Monday, June 3, 2013

The beginning..


Someone asked what I wanted to be 10years from now and I said I just want to be happy. That’s all I could think of after surviving unilag chemical engineering with no extra year (trust me, this was a big deal! Don’t laugh).  Honestly I didn’t have a clue what I wanted to do next. I thought of travelling, studying French, acting, anything but more books.

Then that moment comes when you realize you need money to do anything plus you need somewhere to go every day before your parents drive you crazy. This was how I began my job hunt armed with my miserable 2’2 degree. That’s how it now looked to me as doors were slammed in my face. So much for my dreams of plenty oil money! Isho.

A dear friend at the time advised me to consider a career in information technology and this was how I got my first chance with Mr. Seni Williams. Working in Tara was like the best thing that happened to me then. I was full of enthusiasm, eager to learn and try new things and Seni Williams was the type of boss that would throw you into the deep and leave you. It was here that I developed research skills. You couldn’t be given a task and go back to Seni to say, I don’t know. I don’t know ke!! When there was Google and Ayotunde Itayemi (genius! I bet he’ll freak out when he sees his name here. hehe).

Life skills learnt

Unilag – Determination, Hard work, Friendship (I met the most amazing people), Problem analysis and dare I say Chemical Engineering (hahaha)

Nobody is an Island, you need people. I survived chemical engineering because of the wonderful family I had there. Till today many of us are still supporting each other. No business can survive without people, you need a team, you need to know how to relate with, motivate and generally manage your team or else you cannot succeed.

Tara Systems – Research, Just ask (No shame in that), nothing is impossible, IT appreciation, Web design

As an entrepreneur you are constantly doing research, looking for ways to re-invent yourself, your business, keeping yourself abreast of  what is trending in your industry, doing research on what the customers want at every point in time (because customer needs and tastes are constantly changing) and so on.
My time in Tara taught me that nothing is impossible; someone somewhere has done what you are trying to do. It’s on Google or just ask your own Ayotunde Itayemi

2013…. 03 June, 2013

A client I had lost contact with called me today. I was so happy, last week was so dry. Business on a Monday is a good sign! And it’s a birthday hamper, putting those things together gives me great joy. Can’t wait for the delivery tomorrow, that look on the recipient’s face when they see the hamper coming their way, priceless!

On the other hand, I am still working on my accounts with Xero, the new accounting software I recently got introduced to. Omo, the thing is not a easy something. Accountants try. We should appreciate what they do. I have a headache but this is because I haven’t really been keeping good records. It’s all scattered everywhere. This is where Mofe comes in, my new accountant; together I hope we can keep proper records going forward.

Entrepreneur tips

-          1. Open a book to record money that comes in and money that goes out in relation to your business daily! That simple. Unless you are running a charity or mom and pop shop (As Seni Williams used to say), you must sort out your accounting. It paints a picture of the state of your business.

-         2.  Keep receipts of everything as much as possible. Sort them out week by week. I.e. staple the ones for each week together (I am still trying to get used to this myself, I hate paper!). But you’ll need them for tax and audit.

-          3. Build a customer database with full name, email address and phone number at least. You want to constantly be in touch with your customers. My mentor told me that it costs less in time and money to keep and existing customer than to get a new one. It’s so true.

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