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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Baptism of fire...... Some great news

FCMB 2004……

I was posted to the IT department, just where I wanted to be. The orientation for the bank’s newbies was great. Fela Durotoye was one of the facilitators, it was my first time of really considering entrepreneurship (imagine that! At a bank’s orientation training), Fela is one hell of a talker! He didn’t tell us what we wanted to hear nor what the bank wanted him to tell us, he told us what we needed to hear. Well Fela, if you do get to read this ever, just want you to know, I heard you!

I once again found myself in the midst of men, but I felt at home, I was one of the boys, more or less J. It was fun fixing people’s IT problems. I was assigned to the helpdesk and loving it until aunty Kareemat (she managed the stock broking software) decided to resign! The mantle of receiving the hand over note fell upon me, barely 3months from joining the team!  Breaathe, don’t panic, she gave 3months notice, surely that’s enough to get a hang of the software and take it on, I consoled myself with this. Only for aunty to take her leave days in lieu or whatever it is they normally do. Gbaga! This was how the stock broking software became my baby, prematurely. It was my baptism of fire; I thought I knew pressure till there was an AGM or IPO or Dividend payment. I lived through this till Ayo Anegbe was re-hired ( I mean it, re-hired, they went to fish him out!) to take over. Life was good; I went back to the helpdesk and just did support work for Ayo.

Life skills learnt

You think you’ve reached your limit till you are stretched a little more. You’ll be surprised what you can live through (said in Yago’s voice, from Aladdin). My boss then would say, “it’s not rocket science”, I used to hate hearing this back then, but it’s true, you can deal with anything, just remember “it’s not rocket science” and if it turns out that it is indeed rocket science you have to face, then….. Run! Just kidding.

2013…. 05 June 3, 2013

Good news came in today; my application to become a ccHub member has been approved. God knows I could use some of that after the youwin and BET disappointments (story for another day). I heard about the ccHub at some training and I knew I had to join that community, there’s something about being surrounded by brilliant people (especially techies, I am biased, I know). You want to be surrounded by people who are doing great stuff rather than sitting back and complaining about the government (boo hoo!). The things those young fellas are churning out from there kwa! Budgit is there, efiko mobile is there, smids animation, name them, I must rub shoulders and minds with them. I am so happy and can’t wait to start working from the hub.

So today I started compiling my list of corporate communications and branding people’s contacts. I need to mention here that I supply corporate gifts, so if you are reading this and know someone I should be talking to, please send me a mail. Tell me where and when and I’ll be there in a flash. I am humble like that. Lol!! I need to expand my revenue streams before I run down. I know there are a million and plus one people doing corporate gifts, but I refuse to be deterred; I will find innovative ways to deliver value.

I logged on to Xero (my newly subscribed to, online accounting software) today to update invoices and payments. I think I am getting a hang of this. Oh accounting, where is thy sting?

No mention of business today, because there was no business!! Sighs…  One of those days

Entrepreneur tips
  1. There will be good days and not so good days, whatever happens, keep moving.
  2. The people your surround yourself with matter, find an enabling environment and key in to it. It helps keep you motivated which is really important.

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