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Monday, June 3, 2013

About the blog "An Entreprener's journey"

As I sit here and type, my older son is banging on the piano and his baby bro playing a game on my ipad with full blast sound. I am trying not to pull my hair out but I have wanted to do this for ages, write. I have had a few false starts but I keep coming back to this….. WRITE. So here goes nothing.

Entrepreneurship is a journey, a life-long journey, if you’re on this road and on it in Nigeria, then it’s safe to add HARD! Not like it’s easy anywhere else per say, nothing is easy really, heck life itself is hard, but towing the line of entrepreneurship in Nigeria……… nuff said! Nonetheless, succeed we must against all odds. I am not starting this blog to whine about the challenges I face as an entrepreneur nor as a mother of two boys, no! I want to tell the story of an entrepreneur and I hope that as you follow you would learn a thing or two and be inspired to be all that you were made to be.


Here’s how it’s going to be, we’ll have a flashback and then we’ll come back to the present.  It’ll be like this till the stories intersect hopefully. I feel the need to include the flashbacks because every little experience contributed to where I am today. This will be summed up at the end of each flashback.

Do not expect pure Queen’s English please, this is a real blog for real people, no embellishments, no forming (as we Nigerians would say, meaning no pretence). Secondly, I am not an expert, I am a learner just like you, so if you don’t agree with my tips or whatever I say, don’t crucify me.

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