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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Uprizin Hiphop Community and purpose films - Oleghe Ikpeminoghena #inthespiritofenterprise

It's another Tuesday and I am grateful even more than ever for life and living.

I met Uprizin a few years ago and when he told me he was into Arts, specializing in Graffiti, I was like, you mean people pay for that in Nigeria? We learn everyday o. Now, he has a hip hop school too. While I'm trying to figure that out, there are so many things happening around us that we miss.

On #strikedanvil today, +Kennedy Adetayo mentioned that some people are making a killing by specializing in dog food production here in Nigeria. I thought we didn't even have that many dog lovers!! Omo, you have to just keep your eyes and ears open.....Don't even dull yourself.

Tell us about yourself

My name is Oleghe Ikpeminoghena Raymond, I am a Graced Son, Cinematographer , Clothier and Graffiti Artist. (UPRIZN HIPHOP COMMUNITY and PURPOSE FILMS)

I have a diploma in computing from the university of Benin, and a BSC in computer science from AAU.

Tell us about your business

We are the first Nigerian Hiphop School.
The company was established in 2008.
We are located at 10b Fola Osibo, Lekki Phase 1.

We also design Graffiti Backdrops, we shoot musical videos, montage, short documentaries and films.We also have an arm that designs and personalizes clothing from scratch to finish.

What was your Inspiration for this business?

I got inspired by my environment, the Internet , I am a Christian and that has been the secret of my success.

How did you convert your passion into a business?

I learn a lot from tutorials on YouTube, perfect my skills and I practice often... I started the business mainly from my savings.

How will you summarize the journey so far?

I have always been a creative person right from primary school, I kept on doing what I love , opened up to learning new things and believing everything is possible.

What are the main challenges you have faced so far and how have you managed them?

We all face challenges, that is life . I have always had the mind set that every problem has a solution , and with this confidence I conquer.

What are the main opportunities that you have been able to leverage to get where you are today? 

I discovered the Giant in me early in Life , this has helped me to stand out always.

Given the chance will you do this again?

Yea obviously .. over again

What advice will you give to other entrepreneurs looking to launch

Focus, don’t be in a hurry, discover yourself be passionate about your business, you will succeed .

Connect with us

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Instagram : uprizn_ikpemi

twitter : @uprizn

Call - …. +2348185025030