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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

We don't have all the time in the world ....

Today is meant to be #inthespiritofenterprise but my heart is torn in and I can't bear to write the usual stuff.

I can't bring myself to put "RIP" I just can't

You assume that bad things only happen to bad people, that you and all your "good" people will always be around. It's just there in the background and so as everyone is busy carrying on with their daily lives. We hardly stop to pick up the phone to call or even visit. Once in a while we say hey and hey back on BBM and share a quick laugh or two without really connecting. When we call each other, the calls are rushed because of course, everyone is busy...... and hey, he/she's still going to be around for a long time so we will catch up at some point. 

I won't be catching up with my cousin Oluwatosin though.... Time has run out and something bad happened to him. I got off air yesterday when the call came in, "where are you sade?" I am in Yaba I said. "So you're done with the show for today?" Yes, why? "We have a situation"  my Dad said. "Your uncle lost one of his sons and your mum is in bad shape, can you come home?" Who!!! Everything just faded when my Dad said Tosin. I was numb for a couple of hours, I was in yaba area and I think my car drove me to the nearest place which was my friend, Maureen's office. Being the crier that I am, I was barely through the door when I broke down and cried my heart out! 

He called me just two days ago! I was in a hurry as usual, I didn't say how are you Tosin, I didn't say we really miss you in Lagos Tosin.... None of that. Just nonsense mumbo jumbo about wedding planning, in a rush too. I hate that he had to go just like that, I hate that I never took the time to chat with him about things that mattered, I hate that I will never have that opportunity on this earth again. But I have to deal with it. He is never coming back.

Tosin was just a kid in his early 30s, such a peaceful and caring guy. He would do his best to move mountains for anyone that had a problem. He was just so easy going and he loved the lord. When I had my moments with mo interview, even with the short notice, he came to the hotel in calabar where I was from Uyo straight after work. We played and laughed together, just like when we were kids... I want to remember that and never forget the beauty of quality time spent with family and friends. Those are the truly precious moments....

I love you Oluwatosin Olajide, but God loves you more.......

Take time out to call someone you haven't spoken to in a while today. Say "how are you" and mean it. Life is short, let's stop wasting time chasing things that don't matter.

Cheers fam!