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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

STOP PRESS!!! Project 2015

Hello all, Welcome to 2015.

So there's been plenty ado about making "New year's resolutions", truth is whether we make new year resolutions or not, a new year brings an opportunity for change, new decisions and a desire to achieve more and become more.

Like I always say...a Project is an activity or series of activities that have constraints such as;

- time (Dec 31st 2015)
- budget (your salary or proposed income) 

and has a specific outcome...which for many of us is to become better, change jobs, grow our businesses, make more money, get married...etc.

So today's post is just suggesting things that you might need to pay attention to when making those decisions...

1. Don't just have a resolution, turn it into a goal.

A goal is a resolution plus a plan.

A goal needs to be SMART.

2. Consider external circumstances.

Left to you alone, you will probably achieve your goals (okay...probably are your worst are). Make plans with flexible alternatives based on scenarios that are possible no matter how remote. ( The 2015 elections mean that things will be different, make plans to maximize the opportunities and reduce the threats).

* If you are into a gift service business for example (why gift! Debo are you picking on me?), valentine is a busy period, it wont be this year. So start now, sell gift packages with delivery options and ensure delivery before February 14...election day in Nigeria (single men are excited for this...married men are trapped with their wives..)

(now he has let the cat out of the bag! Shocks!)

3. Make small changes to your plans as you go along. 

We made the model in project management called the
Plan-Do- Check- Act...model
a. Make your plans
b. Do your plans
c. Check to see if the outcomes and the proposed plans are compatible
d. Act. When you see major differences....ACT. Do not wait till 2016.

Thank you.

I will be having a Project Management Training course this month (January 2015). The course is the PMP certification training program with a twist to help entrepreneurs grow their businesses in 2015 and help position career individuals for a better year.

The beauty of PMP is that it cuts across every career and job option.

Cost: N 49,999
Dates: 24th-25th Jan
31st Jan and 1st Feb

I am offering a 10% discount on anyone who contacts me from

Make 2015 count...its #gametime.