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Monday, January 5, 2015

Goal Setting for the new year - SME Version #strikedanvil #2015

Hello Fam!

Here's my amateur instaquote new year greeting pishure.......

and this is the gen gen one, because we ain't playing at all........

It's been a while. I got caught up in Christmas sales and then year end festivities. It's like most members of my family think the world is coming to an end, the way weddings were just coming up ehn! I became a party hopper. Plus, I have gained a few kilos, did I say a few? Scratch that! This girl is in need of gyming tins... like ASAP! But seriously, before some people yab me and say which fat are you talking about; thing is, the way I ate this holiday, the fat will come upon me like a thief in the night, so I better resume exercising now, before I have to buy new clothes.

On strike the anvil tomorrow, we are joining the band wagon (yea yea, whatever) to discuss the main thing on most people's minds, well those who mean business at least. We'll be taking on Goal setting and planning for the new year. I bet this is all many of us have been hearing everywhere since the first of January, with all the prophetic declarations a la "2015, my year of this and my year of that". As if, that will be an automatic fix. You better get off your behind and work.

Like I always say though, we do not have the answers, but we will at least take a look at issues from the lay man's eye with help from some gurus too, hehe. Let's lay it all out and learn a thing or two from one another shall we.

I must confess, as I type this, I haven't taken the time to do my planning for the year, imagine *covers face*  and my excuse is, I can't function without some sanity around me. I only just cleared out my table and house today to get myself back in work mode. The whole place was like a war zone, paper everywhere (I'm like, how and where did all this paper come from). You think you don't need the housekeepers/nannies till they are off for a few days! Whew! So grateful that my nanny Mcphee came back today! Glowraaay to Jesus. Now let's eat that frog!

In other news, have you downloaded the enterprise radio app? Why not? What are you waiting for? Hep a sister and download the tin naa - God bless you as you do so...

Joining us on the show tomorrow are Debola Ogundeko and Adeshola Onadipe.

Debola Ogundeko is the principal consultant, Dino Strategies Limited, a tax consulting company in Lagos (If you don't have your taxes sorted, you better call him now!). He has a BSc. in Economics from the Ogun state university as well as an M.A in International Economics from the London Metropolitan University. He is a member of the Chattered institute of taxation of Nigeria (CITN).

He started his career with Bond Bank from where he left for Dixons Group, UK as a credit analyst. Up till recently he was a tax auditor with the Lagos Internal revenue service.

Adeshola Onadipe can best be described as a multi-preneur. She is an extremely passionate business woman who left her full-time career in banking to set up an events programming company known as sholskoncept. One of her many ventures! lol.

A graduate of accounting from the Lagos state University Ojo, she built a career in service management in the banking sector before her passion drove her to resign her position with FCMB and pursue her dreams.

On Goal setting, I have this group of entrepreneur friends - +Gbubemi Atimomo +Erin Magazine and Niyi Sonayon, I miss them. Last year and the year before the last, we would come together to have some sort of retreat to develop our business goals for the year and set targets together. Now everyone is scattered everywhere, it's so hard to get together.

From what we used to do, here are some of the key issues we (when I say "we", I mean it o, you and all of us in the studio) will look at tomorrow;

1. What are the elements of the goal setting? Revenue streams, product lines, bottom-line (profit), workforce count, client base, office or no?

2. In setting your objectives, should money be the starting point? For example, "I plan to hit a bottom-line of 40million naira this year"

3. How do you break the goals down into measurable and achievable steps?

4. How big can you dream? Can you set a 40billion target for example when just the year before you were at 3million? Is that foolhardy

Before we take off tomorrow though, here's my two cents.....

  • Focus on what really matters to the growth and sustainability of your business. Don't get carried away with dotting the I's and crossing the T's of your plan.
  • “To begin with the end in mind means to start with a clear understanding of your destination. It means to know where you’re going so that you better understand where you are now and so that the steps you take are always in the right direction.” -  +Stephen R Covey    
  • Remember to use the SMART test when determining your goals...
S = Specific M = Measurable A = Achievable R = Results Orientated T = Time Framed

Cheers fam!! Don't forget to tune in tomorrow....