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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Walked outta Heaven..... Jagged Edge #90sMusic (2003) P.S Tuface Came through

We walked the walk! 10km long. I started out with loads of energy then started to get tired and fall out until I looked ahead and saw Madam Bosun (If you are and entrepreneur in Lagos and you've been around, you would know her!) still going strong! This woman is in her 50s, yet she is always so active, agile and never ever late for any event, she is such an inspiration. I don't think I have met anyone that can match her tenacity. I was inspired to get my game on when I saw her and guess what? I got to the base first!! Yaaaay!! It felt so good, even though there was no trophy or nothing (what a bummer).

Tuface came through as well, I missed out on meeting him because he made his appearance long after many of us had finished the walk! Wharamess, *rolling eyes*. I stole miss gmotyshops trophy picture with him though, at least I can say I know someone who has met Tuface, hehe;

We have started the global entrepreneurship week in style then, I guess we can say that. There are still loads of other activities worth participating in, so if you haven't registered, you better!

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On to the business of today. #90smusic.

On her show earlier in the week, Toolz ran a poll on the greatest boy bands of all time. Yours truly "Boyz II Men" came tops. My song for today is by the guys that came third or so. I think it was backstreet boys that came second. It's all fuzzy right now, so I might have the order mixed up. Fuzzy or not however, I know for sure that this song rocked my world way back when. It's Walked outta Heaven by Jagged Edge!!!!

Okay, before you crucify me, I do know that this song was released in 2003 but right now I don't care. They came on the scene in 1998 with "I gotta be", so technically, they were 90s guys, yea! I mean, watch the video and see how they are dressed, with bandanas, face caps worn to the back (My dad could kill us for that!) and all! That is so 90s, please. Besides, after I heard the song on Toolz show last week, all I could think about was how I would share it here. If I don't share it, I won't get over it.

The single peaked at #6 on the Billboard Hot 100 in December, 2003, making it the group's second best performing single on that chart. If you haven't heard the song before, listen and see if I am wrong to love it so much! Music lyrics back in my day cut right through!


Click this link if you can't view the video above - Walked outta heaven

Verse 1 (Brian):]
I'm rolling down a lonely highway asking god to please forgive me for messing up the blessing he gave to me, I see,
Everything clearer now the nights is black as, black as its ever been
Without my girl, I'm gonna lose it, I pray that he would just shed his grace on me, I need just to be back with my baby

Feels like I just walked right out of heaven
Feels like I have damn near thrown my life away, hey yea yea
Scared, just like a child that's lost at seven
Don't know what to do, get back right wit you
Feels like I just walked right out of heaven
Feels like I have damn near thrown my life away, hey yea yea
Scared, just like a child that's lost at seven
Don't know what to do, Feels like I just walk right out of heaven

[Verse 2 (Brandon):]
See my mama told me that's if its meant to be she'll come back and she'll forgive me and the best thing I can do it to just
Let her, let her go I know, I don't wanna do it
But if I continue to push she'll just pull away and I know that in my heart its a reality I didn't treat her like she wanted
To be treated, and I hope that shes not gone for good no no


[Bridge 1:]
Hey girl waiting for you all the time, suppose to move on with my life, and girl I tried and I tried
I feel like I can't walk, I feel like I can't talk girl I don't know what to do get back right with you I feel like I just
Walked outta heaven

[Bridge 2 (Wingo):]
If u ever loved somebody, and if you ever had somebody, but you know that you hurt that somebody, let me here you say yea

[Chorus (repeat till fade)]

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