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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Chic Carpenter - Padebi Ojomo #inthespiritofenterprise

And we are back with our #inthespiritofenterprise post. Better late than never. Make sure you read this to the very end. Padebi has something for you.

Padebi studied Computer Engineering at the Obafemi Awolowo University, OAU, she also has a diploma from the Sheffield School of Interior Designing. Might I add that she was one of the people that inspired me to start wearing my hair natural! #teamnatural, whoop whoop.

The first time I met her and she introduced herself as "chic carpenter" (oh yes, she is a chic, in the actual sense of it), I had to find out more, like what, how, ....? She is one of those lucky ones that knew for sure what they wanted to do upon graduation and had the courage to go for it. We had a chat then, but here's the one we did for your reading pleasure.


Tell us about yourself

See what I said about her being a chic?!
My name is Padebi Ojomo, I'm first a wife, then a mother. Also an interior designer and a seasoned Carpenter, I've been doing this more or less for about 10 years

Tell us about your business

Chic Carpenter is a firm that specialises in affordable furniture pieces for the low and medium scale income earners. We know that there will always be a need for beautiful furniture pieces in every home. From sofa to beds, to bunks. Wardrobes kitchen storage solutions and even baby beds. Hence we stock a variety of designs of all of the above. And the prices are so affordable, you will not believe it. You could actually get products as low as 5,000 naira in our store.

How did u get into this line of business?

I have a diploma in interior design, and as you may well know furniture making is a key part in interior designing and decorations. I decided to set up a mini furniture factory in 2010, after I realised that 70% of my profit was going back into furniture production. Prior to that time, I usually outsourced all furniture orders to some woodwork specialist, or carpenters.

I also was not in total control of the factors of production and it became increasingly frustrating to keep telling my customers endless tales. So I had to take the bull by the horn, and started out in my own small way. 3 years down the line, its been an awesome experience. Of course there are challenges, but we try to meet them, learn from them, and move on with production and delivery.

How has the experience been working in a male dominated industry?

So far, So good. I usually get this look from people when I tell them "I am a carpenter" I'm very used to that now tho. LOL. As for the gender thing, it has never really been an issue for me or my customers, as far as they're concerned, all they care about is that you deliver. So whether you are male or female doesn't even come into question.

I will love to see more female carpenters in the future though, because women are naturally more creative than men, hence we do have an edge when it comes to furniture design. (I see the men rolling their eyes here, lol)

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See you on the other side ;) ;)

Padebi Ojomo

Let's connect

What can I say, you've read it, go on check out pictures of Padebi's work on social media and place your orders, with the code of course!!