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Thursday, June 5, 2014

For all those we've lost to sickle cell anaemia

Today I got the news that an old schoolmate and family friend of mine passed on! We had been out of touch for years until she found me on twitter just last year and we've been in touch since then. We even discussed how I would visit Kano, specifically Daura village for her father's 70th birthday if we could get him to agree to a mini-party. Aisha was married with a daughter or two, I think and I was happy that she was doing very well, working with a bank despite her health challenge.

Davida was a fighter, spiritually and physically. She just went ahead and did whatever she wanted to do with all boldness. She had so much faith that she would live and one day get married and have kids. Sometimes she would get really sick and we would think "this is it" until she bounced back again. She came all the way to Ondo from Benin for my wedding, despite the fact that I said noooo, stop jumping up and down Bib, it's not good for your health. But that was Davida, she did just what she wanted, irrespective. She was such a loyal friend, more like a sister. She was in the middle of her masters at the University of Ife when the crisis that led to the end struck. Her last days in UCH Ibadan were painful and sad, she gave in because she was tired of the pain.

Sickle Cell!! Oh Sickle cell!!

They just left, with little or no warning.

Surely there must be a way...... a ray of light at the end of this tunnel. Too many lives have been cut short. Before the researchers find a way however, if you know your genotype is AS, please I beg you, let your love have eyes! Do not put another child through pain because of blind AS vs AS love, please...... Unless you choose not to have kids or have a solution. I have once been told that there is a way to detect the genotype in the early stages of pregnancy, I haven't met anyone who has done it though nor can I imagine that it would be easy.

For all those I remember who have been taken down by this menace, I light a candle for you on my page today, RIP

1. Wendy (primary 1, St. Paul's Nursery and Primary School) I was quite young but I still remember her empty chair, same with Gifty's
2. Gifty (primary 3, St. Paul's Nursery and Primary School)
3. Tunde Ketiku (Primary 5, St. Paul's Nursery and Primary School)
4. Wale ( SS3, Ikeja High School, Ikeja)
5. Irewale (Year one, Electrical Engineering Unilag) This minute we were jacking all night in class, next minute he's not there to pick up his books....
6. Folakemi Muslimat Sumola (VDT, Ikoyi)
7. Davida Orobor

and now 8..... Aisha Mohammed

Rest in peace guys!! You will be remembered......