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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Hposh Diaries.....

Hello fam!

It's been a while I came here.

First let me apologize for my absence.

I promise you I won't be far away anymore.

Life is in phases and each stage comes with it's own unique challenges.

Growing up, I had dreams, visions and goals I set out to achieve.

I had planned to write my best-selling book at 21 but I wasn't able to.

My dream was that at part 3 in the tertiary institution I would not have to call anyone at home to send me pocket money.

I sought out to be independent.

I'm yet to get there.

Overtime, I've come to learn a lot of lessons about life and about pursuing your dreams.

First is Do not lose focus!

When I launched my magazine, I had a 5 year plan that I'd focus all my energy, all my resources and creativity into it and see what comes out of it.

2 years down, I'm beginning to see laudable results.

I've been nominated two times as Most Enterprising male in 2 different awards.

The brand is growing bigger and people are identifying with our success.

More importantly, we have started making money which I believe we can make more.

I must confess to you that this year, I've been distracted.

My major distraction I must say have been girls.

The first and last time that I ventured into a relationship was in part 1, a year before I went into business.

This year, I decided to try new things.

I wanted to do what my peers were doing - dating.

I tried several attempts but have failed - reasons only known by whoever controls the universe.

Don't get me wrong, I've got lots of girls (friends) around me. But I wanted a committed relationship which I had never envisioned for myself. I came to discover that it's either I had been friendzoned or work-zoned.

Everyone said I was too engrossed with work.

The truth is I should mind my business and that is - building successful enterprises.

As a young entrepreneur, I've come to accept that isolation and success walk together. You can't be everywhere and achieve much. You need that solitude - to think, to create, to internalize your ideas and concepts, to make decisions and the likes. If you'd be a (young) leader or entrepreneur, you'd have to make lots of sacrifices - romantic relationships being one of them. You can't serve two masters.

Another lesson I have learnt is the essence of relationships

For most of us, we make it obvious that we are interested in people because of what they can offer us. The truth is, life doesn't work that way. You've got to earn peoples' trust. They know when you want to use them. The most important thing to them is themselves and if you don't care about them they won't give a damn about you or your product(s). Make it a task to make new friends everyday. Get interested in people and what they do. By so doing, you'd build healthy relationships and you won't have much to say when it's time for you to do business with them.

A note to guys:

You don't have to ask every you have feelings for out. Women are very powerful and they are God's greatest gift to mankind. Be friends with them and they'll be your most trusted friends and confidant. They are always there when everyone walks away. They always see the light at the of the tunnel. Despite knowing your selfish motives, they are patient enough to identify your good sides and leverage on it! I'm a witness. I wouldn't be here if I've never encountered these beautiful and wonderful beings.

There's much for me to share but I'll stop here for now and get a cup of coffee. (confirmed coffee junkie!)

Next week, I'll share my biggest ever business mistake with you.

Yes. You heard that! I made a silly business mistake last week. You need to know about it.

Till then... #peace