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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The Brazilian Massacre

Hello People. I know I have been so so MIA!! I have no excuse. Just know I owe you and I will make it up, soon.

In the mean time, I saw this piece about yesterday's Brazilian massacre and have been given permission to share. I found it so hilarious as I did the pictures which I'll share below as well. The guys who spend time making this memes are just crazy! Lol

By, Odun Odunlami.....

As the crowd marched into the stadium in anticipation (they should have saved their energies for some shady tears), little did they know of the agony about to be unleashed (worse than being pressed in traffic on third mainland bridge).

The Brazilian players sang their hearts out (and afterwards had no heart left) in a way that will make the writer of the anthem proud.

The Germans however, had only one goal (actually, seven goals) - that is, to win the game (which is a gross understatement of events).

The world watched (while scratching its head) as the spectacle unfolded.

The Brazilians never knew what hit them (but the nets did....and let's face it, the Germans were too slippery to have hit the samba boys).

In the end, everyone was left in doubt of what happened.